Trend: ombre hair

Ombre hair is the process of blending your natural hair color into a lighter hair color in the ends. In recent years, this has come back everywhere every summer and is also very popular among celebs. How can you do this yourself? An ombre effect makes your hair more interesting without coloring your entire hair …

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Wisdom teeth extraction

Wisdom teeth extraction is sometimes necessary. Wisdom teeth can be pulled, but also cut out. Wisdom teeth are often a source of misery because they do not come in properly or are inaccessible for cleaning. In both cases, an infection can occur and the wisdom tooth is removed. Some dentists remove wisdom teeth preventively. What …

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Mindfulness in eating

Mindfulness has been used for some time in the so-called alternative circuit, where you have to think about accepting what presents itself in life in a self-evident way. This is a counterpart to the autopilot that has crept into Western culture in particular. Mindfulness in eating, as it were, builds on these thoughts. How does …

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