Sex for a good night’s sleep

You may prefer to take a sleeping pill to combat your sleeping problem, but did you know that passion between the sheets can ensure that you forget all your daytime worries and can then sleep well? Hormones are released that help you relax and make you feel happy. Moreover, it is also good for the relationship. How exactly does sex affect your sleep?

Enjoy instead of worrying

If you dread going to sleep and are afraid of a sleepless night in advance, getting into bed can be a difficult task. While worrying, you see every hour of the night passing by and you find it difficult to function during the day. Then you no longer feel like having sex with your partner: because you are tired and want to sleep. Let the tension of the day fade away by having a fun evening with your partner. Enjoy the passion and it will allow you to let go of worrying for a while.

What sex is good for

Why take a sleeping pill when a few passionate moments with your partner work just as well? It makes the tension of the busy day disappear and it ensures that your body produces sleep-inducing hormones so that you can relax. Moreover, regular sex also does wonders for your relationship.

The usefulness of an orgasm

During an orgasm, five times the normal amount of the cuddle hormone oxytocin is released, which helps you relax and fall asleep. A flow of endorphins is also produced that gives you a happy feeling. Endorphins are the body’s own substances that provide a good feeling and can even suppress pain. It seems that the vagina absorbs all the nutrients from the semen such as zinc, calcium and various proteins and releases them into the bloodstream. If you want to improve your orgasm, you can train the muscles that you also use to control your urine stream. This applies to both men and women. Tense and relax these muscles and do this ten times. Build this up until you are doing it a hundred times a day.

Turn the switch

After a hectic day, perhaps full of setbacks such as an argument at work, a sick child, the car breaking down or the dog half eating the mail, all you can think about is plopping down on the couch with a large bag. chips on my lap. But instead, try planning a night of passion that will release the stress and make you feel a lot better.

No time for sex

Maybe you think – as so many do – that you don’t have time for sex. You’ve been busy all day, you’ve had a long day at work and you feel like you’ve been rushing all day. Then you are very tired in the evening and that takes a toll on your sex life. Research has shown that a third of women have less than the average amount of sex at least twice a week and that almost half have a low libido.


You may be awake because of a headache. You may not initially think about sex, but it may help to make the headache go away. A headache is usually a tension headache due to muscle tension in your head, neck, shoulders or back. The endorphins released after sex act as a natural painkiller.

Stuffy nose

A stuffy nose can also significantly disrupt sleep. This applies to both you and your partner because someone with a closed nose can snore. But sex can release antibodies in the immune system from the lining of your mouth, lungs and gastrointestinal tract, which block the passage of viruses and bacteria into the blood.

Good for your relationship

A good sex life brings you closer to your partner. If you are happy together, this is one less reason to lose sleep. If you are happy in love, you can generally handle stress better and this also benefits your work and other relationships such as with family members.

Improve your sex life

To improve your sex life you can flirt with each other. Keep it exciting and, for example, massage each other for a while before having sex. Throw the television out of the bedroom and play an exciting role-playing game. Don’t skip kissing each other and don’t ruin the tension by talking about financial matters, for example. Replace your baggy sweatpants and an oversized T-shirt with tight underwear or lie naked in bed.

Talk to each other

Make sure you keep talking to each other, that is crucial for a good relationship and therefore good sex. You can talk anywhere: while eating, drinking coffee in the evening or during a night out. If you want to make it extra exciting, you can, for example, go separately to an agreed place and pretend it is your first date. Know what the other person likes and enjoy each other’s company. If you have children, arrange for a babysitter every now and then and do something fun together.

Why men fall asleep quickly after sex

Men are often more influenced by the intense wave of rest and relaxation that follows their orgasm. As a result, they have an extremely strong need for sleep after sex. This becomes stronger if the man was already tired. The hormones released during an orgasm have a temporary intoxicating effect.

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