Make your bedroom sleep-inducing

If your room is not a quiet and relaxing space, it can cause you to lose sleep. You should decorate it in such a way that it is a place to completely relax and that you look forward to going to bed. Remove anything that distracts you, causes information to rush through your head, and keeps you from sleeping. Do not turn the bedroom into a storage space for clothes or use it as a work space by working in bed on the laptop. How can you create an oasis of peace?

Wrong signals

If your bedroom sends the wrong signals, you may revive instead of unwind. Your thoughts start racing through your head and it is impossible to fall asleep. Don’t use your bedroom as an office, a place to eat, or a storage place for stray clothes or junk. The bedroom should be a quiet, calming place that you associate only with sleep and sex.

Create a luxurious oasis

If you dread going to bed because of a busy mind telling you what to do or because you simply have difficulty falling asleep, try giving your room a luxurious touch. Make going to bed as much of a celebration as possible. For example, invest in blankets made of thick quality cotton: they are more expensive but feel softer. Provide a fresh bed that you change approximately every week, or often enough to give a fresh feeling. A wonderful scent can also make the bedroom special. Try a few tablespoons of dried lavender in a linen bag between your pillows. This also has a slightly calming effect.

Remove unnecessary items

Don’t turn your room into a junk room or storage place for things. Make a list of all the things in the bedroom. Take everything with you, even the photos on the wall and the magazines under your bed. Rate everything from 1 to 10 based on how much you think it is stimulating and keeps you from sleeping. Remove anything that scores a 5 or higher from your bedroom. For example, if you have CDs with upbeat music and like to listen to them in bed, it may keep you awake. A busy poster on the wall can also keep you from sleeping because it activates the brain.
You need to relax in a familiar and soothing environment. Remove everything that keeps you from sleeping, such as the computer, television, piles of books and magazines, mail and dirty laundry. These can be things that distract you and encourage you to worry. For example, when you see a pile of clothes in the corner, you can start worrying about the laundry. If you absolutely want electronics in your bedroom, turn them off at least before going to bed and keep them out of your field of vision. For example, you can place a piece of fabric over it.

Block light

For a good night’s sleep, it is important to make the bedroom as dark as possible. With too much light, your body does not produce enough melatonin: the hormone that regulates your sleep cycle and contributes to falling asleep. If you are exposed to light at any time, less melatonin will be produced by the brain. The darker it is when you sleep, the greater the melatonin production will be and therefore the better your night’s sleep. Preferably use curtains with blackout fabric, so that hardly any light enters. Even the light of a digital alarm clock radio can keep you from sleeping: turn it on.


During sleep, body temperature drops. That is why most sleep experts believe that the bedroom should have a temperature of approximately 15 to 18 degrees. Each person’s body temperature is set slightly differently, because the fluctuations are related to your biological clock. People who sleep poorly are more likely to suffer from fluctuations in body temperature. Age and gender are also related to changes in sleep patterns. As you get older, your body temperature rises and falls earlier and earlier – and that leads to less sleep. People with different body temperatures will of course have different wishes regarding the bedroom temperature.
Still , it is better to turn the thermostat down at night. This not only saves energy, but also creates the conditions for a good night’s sleep. Your partner may be more likely to feel cold. This can be solved by each person having their own duvet with blankets that can be placed on top of each other or removed as desired. If you can’t get warm enough in bed in winter, you might consider an electric blanket or warmer pajamas. For those who are really cold, there are special socks for bed.


A snoring partner can be a major disruptive factor to a good night’s sleep. Snoring can have various causes, such as obesity, smoking or a crooked nasal septum. Sometimes wearing earplugs can dampen the sound enough so you can still sleep.

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