Home Ride – Cycling for Ronald McDonald Children’s Fund

A sick child cannot live without his parents and to raise money for Ronald McDonald Houses, a Home Ride is organized every year in June. For 24 hours, teams cycle from north to south or from west to east of the Netherlands and receive sponsorship. That money goes to the Ronald McDonald Children’s Fund. The Home Ride is five hundred kilometers long and goes from Groningen to Maastricht or along another route through the Netherlands.

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Sponsored bicycle tour across the Netherlands

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Home Ride for Ronald McDonald Children’s Fund

The HomeRide is a cycling tour of 500 kilometers in which teams can participate to raise money for Ronald McDonald Huizen. The motto of Home Ride is that the riders cover a great distance to reduce the distance between sick children and their parents. A maximum of ten riders can cycle in a team. The Home Ride starts in Groningen and ends in Maastricht. The ride takes a maximum of 24 hours and passes eight Ronald McDonald Houses and Ronald McDonald Holiday Homes.


A team, consisting of cyclists, equipment man and caregiver, raises money for the Ronald McDonald Children’s Fund. Each team must raise at least 7,000: one thousand euros for every day of the week that the Ronald McDonald House is open. Even more money can be raised through public campaigns. The 500 kilometer journey is non-stop. All proceeds from the Home Ride go to the Ronald McDonald Children’s Fund. Companies and individuals can sponsor individual team members and entire teams.

24 hours

The Home Ride organization expects the teams to start and finish completely. The tour itself does not have to be completed by all riders. Cyclists can cycle the entire distance as a Full Rider , or take on part of it. The tour can also be ridden in relay form. The minimum of a team consists of two cyclists and an attendant and the maximum consists of ten, including an attendant and equipment man. Cycling in the dark and at night is seen as an extra challenge.

Source: Home Ride

The teams encounter stamping stations along the way. The relay riders can also change at these checkpoints . At the stamp posts there are facilities to:

  • to rest for a while;
  • to refuel;
  • to get a massage;
  • something to eat or drink.


Yellow sweater

Teams can earn the yellow, green or heart jersey if they raise a lot of sponsorship money or organize an original campaign. Each team can win a maximum of one jersey.

Ronald McDonald Children’s Fund

Parents want to be near their child when he or she is ill. The Ronald McDonald Houses make this possible. Since the 1980s, the Ronald McDonald Children’s Fund in the Netherlands has provided this provision for sick and disabled children and their parents. There are fifteen Ronald McDonald Houses in the Netherlands where parents of sick children can stay. The children’s fund has eight Ronald McDonald Living Rooms in a hospital. Families can relax there. The children’s fund manages four Ronald McDonald Holiday Accommodations for holidays with disabled children . There is also the Ronald McDonald Center , a sports center for children with disabilities. The Ronald McDonald Children’s Fund is the umbrella organization of these Ronald McDonald facilities.

In 2019, the Home Ride will take place on June 22 and 23


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