Bowen therapy, relatively unknown but very beneficial

Bowen therapy is a very special and painless treatment to treat a large number of conditions. The technique consists of making rolling movements with the thumb and index finger over muscles, tendons, skin and connective tissue. After a series of rolling movements, a pause is taken. During this pause, lasting a few minutes, the stimulus caused by the rolling movements can take effect. The beneficial therapy is still relatively unknown, but can be successfully applied to numerous complaints and conditions.

Bowen therapy developed by Thomas Bowen

Bowen therapy was developed by Thomas Bowen (1916-1982) based on his great interest in body work. The therapy was especially popular in Australia and New Zealand in the beginning. In 1990 the theory spread to America and then to Europe in 1993.

Restoration of balance through rolling movements

An underlying principle of Bowen therapy is that every body cell vibrates in a unique way. As soon as the energy for that vibration becomes blocked or depleted, a disturbance or imbalance can arise, causing an ailment or disease to develop. This balance can be restored by the gentle rolling movement of the therapy, which sends a signal to the body and ultimately adjusts the vibration of the body cell.

Self-healing ability

Bowen therapy is based on the body’s self-healing capacity. The self-healing capacity is the ability of the body to regain a healthy balance in the event of disturbances. This usually happens without anyone being really aware of it, such as with minor injuries or recovery from stiffness, but recovery from flu is also due to the self-healing ability.

Recovery and acceleration of recovery

However, it also happens that the self-healing capacity is not able to restore balance, for example after a traumatic event or due to genetic predisposition. Incorrect posture, years of incorrect nutrition or stress can also cause the body to be unable to repair itself. In those cases, the Bowen technique can greatly reduce the complaints and the body is often largely recovered after three to five treatments. The recovery from an injury can also often be accelerated with the Bowen technique.

Safe technique for everyone that promotes blood circulation

By applying Bowen therapy, the self-healing capacity is activated. The treatment also causes relaxation of body and mind, both emotionally, physically and mentally. Blood circulation is also promoted, resulting in the removal of waste products and absorption of nutrients. The Bowen technique is a safe technique for babies, the elderly and everyone in between. Even weakened people but also top athletes can undergo the treatment.

Intake and examination

Prior to the treatment, an intake takes place during which information about the disease history and complaints is recorded. Treatment must be tailored to these data. The intake is followed by a physical examination during which posture, muscle functions, joint functions and the presence of trigger points are examined.

Success depends on personal response

If you object to treatment directly on the skin, you can work through thin clothing. The most common position, namely lying on a table, can also be deviated from. If there are reasons for this, treatment can be done sitting or standing. The duration of the treatment varies from sometimes fifteen minutes to a maximum of an hour. Whether Bowen therapy will be successful cannot be guaranteed in advance because everyone responds to it in their own way. However, it can be determined after just a few treatments whether the treatment is working.

Treatment of complaints and conditions

Positive results have been proven in practice for a large number of complaints and conditions, such as:

  • Respiratory complaints
  • Pain in movement
  • Joint pain
  • Hip pain
  • Headache
  • Sciatica
  • Neck pain
  • Rheumatic pain
  • Backache
  • Shoulder pain (Frozen shoulder)
  • Sports injuries
  • Tennis elbow
  • Spine problems