Eating less is not always good! Relationship between food and weight

In some countries or cultures, having a few extra pounds means you are healthy and wealthy. It is a form of status and prestige, which may involve power. Western people also like to eat wildly, enjoying savories, high-calorie food supplemented with alcoholic drinks. It makes us gain weight and adversely affects health. However, eating less can also ensure that we continue to have a high body weight. Why is eating more or less not always beneficial for the body and what is the relationship with weight?

Eating less: relationship between food and weight

  • Reason for fat reserve build-up
  • Negative side effects of too much weight
  • The influence of a dysregulated thyroid gland
  • Correct balance with less food
  • Additional stimulation


Reason for fat reserve build-up

Everyone knows that we store energy if more is taken in than used. It forms the body’s reserve for times when things are not going well. Consider being deprived of food or a serious medical condition. The body tries to protect itself by creating energy reserves. It is a natural process, but it also has harmful effects. With good prosperity, the supply of food is often unlimited, allowing the body to store many fats at a time. In other words, you can gain weight quickly at a high rate.

Negative side effects of too much weight

If you have stored a lot of fat in the body, you obviously weigh too much. You notice it in your figure, but also in your own fitness. To maintain the large size, they eat a lot. This often involves a quick bite or fatty meal. It makes you feel lethargic or less optimistic and possibly depressed. The production of serotonin is below par, which creates a negative self-image. In addition, the aromatase content is high, which converts more testosterone into estrogen. This stimulates fat storage, which accelerates your weight gain. In addition to an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, these are important reasons why you should lose weight.

The influence of a dysregulated thyroid gland

If you have had a thyroid condition, the hormonal balance will be disturbed for life. It means that you have to take Thyrax to get enough T3 and T4 hormones to maintain a continuous good feeling. These hormones are largely responsible for metabolism, which causes the body to quickly store fats. In response, you eat much less in the hope that you will lose weight. In some cases this may be true, but structurally eating less can also cause the metabolism to slow down even more. In other words, eating less food will keep you fat. What can you do?

Correct balance with less food

Strict dieting does not have to mean losing weight. The metabolism is disrupted and so it is necessary to stimulate exactly that. If you stop eating or follow a crash diet, there is a chance that you will gain weight or nothing will happen. An inactive stomach reduces the amount of amino acids and adrenaline in the body, causing metabolism to deteriorate. Less energy intake, but a permanently high weight is the result. To break that, you need to remember the following aspects:

  • a continuously functioning stomach ensures that tabolites are produced, which improves the use of energy and nutrients;
  • putting together healthy meals, where you choose wholesome ingredients yourself. Think of dairy, nuts, fish, lean meat (no more than 100 grams per day);
  • choose slow-burning carbohydrates;
  • always avoid canned, prepackaged, microwaved meals, etc. It is far too salty, which retains moisture;
  • cooking yourself, having a healthy snack or small meal at least five times a day;
  • make sure you make healthy snacks (dairy-fruit combination) and stock up on unsalted nuts or fruit. It satisfies cravings in a healthy way.


Additional stimulation

To stimulate weight loss in a beneficial way, you can use the following additional advice:

  • the healing effect of nettle tea. It has a diuretic effect and fits into a weight loss program. In addition, it also removes toxins, giving your body improved health;
  • walk more, which will positively stimulate the metabolism. More muscle mass is also beneficial because it requires more energy from the body. So train, play sports or exercise more;
  • also take sufficient vitamin B, Griffonia extract in combination with zinc and magnesium. It ensures sufficient production of serotonin and the breakdown of aromatase, so that you optimistically start losing weight;
  • Chew your food longer so that you get better nutrition from starch so that you get sufficient nutrients with less food. For example, chew bread 30-40 times before swallowing it.

Combine the previous advice so that you eat healthier more often, your stomach continues to work continuously and you can lose weight.

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