Decorate the bedroom with feng shui for a better night’s sleep

How the bedroom is furnished plays an important role in ensuring a relaxed night’s sleep. Feng shui is an ancient Chinese teaching in which you learn what influence furnishings have on human well-being. It is aimed at harmony between forms between nature and the living environment. By furnishing your bedroom in this way, you can significantly improve your night’s sleep. Feng shui views the bedroom as a private sanctuary intended for romance and recovery.

What feng shui is

Literally, feng shui means wind and water. It teaches what influences design and furnishings have on human well-being. It is about the relationship between the human environment and how it can be brought into harmony with nature. It can also transform negative influences into positive forces. Chi is the life force according to Chinese teachings and everything revolves around harmony between the complementary forces Yin and Yang.

Feng shui in the bedroom

Feng shui claims that the design of the bedroom affects not only your sleep, but also your relationships, financial status and your health. It would make you bursting with zest for life, make your marriage better, make you richer and make you much happier.

Harmony and chi flow

Feng shui is about increasing harmony between you and your environment. Chi is the invisible life force that is in everything around you. If chi moves too fast or too slow, or is held back, it will have a negative effect. It results in poor energy that affects your sleep and can be detrimental to your health. By improving the chi flow in your environment, you can apply feng shui to create a cozy and tidy environment in which you can completely relax.

The base

If you have the opportunity to choose where you sleep, choose a spot at the back of the house. It is usually quieter there and you are less bothered by the sounds of traffic. Feng shui views the bedrooms as private sanctuaries for romance and recovery. Realize what the bedroom is for and remove everything that creates negative energy such as television, clutter, dirty laundry and computers. Furniture should preferably have round corners or soft edges and should be comfortable.

The bed

The bed must be in the right place. Place the headboard against a wall so that you feel safe when you lie in it. According to feng shui principles, having the bed under a window will lead to a lack of support from your loved ones. Also, a sudden rush of chi through the window could disrupt your sleep. Also, don’t put your bed under a visible beam. It is said that sleeping under a beam can cause ill health, unhappiness and relationship problems such as betrayal and jealousy. The head or foot end should not point towards the door. This is known as the coffin position and it drains all your happiness and energy. Ideally, the bed is within sight of the door, but extends more to one side. This promotes a good night’s sleep and prevents negative forces from entering the room while you sleep.

The decoration

The decoration is a matter of taste. Candles, vases and photo frames improve marital harmony. You can hang posters of landscapes, sunsets or meadows to get in tune with nature. Choose shine and items that reflect light such as lamps, mirrors or shiny surfaces. This ensures that energy is reflected in different directions. For example, a chandelier is useful because crystal absorbs bad energy and also adds light. Make your bedroom a place where you can spend time with your partner, hopefully you and your partner will enjoy harmonious evenings with fun conversations, followed by passionate sex and the best night’s sleep you’ve ever had.

Red brings luck

According to the Chinese, the color red brings good luck. It brings healing, wealth, strength and vitality. If you want to bring this into your bedroom, you can, for example, paint a wall red, hang red curtains, put a red pillow on the bed or purchase red blankets. It provides a good portion of extra energy and prevents energy from being drained.


Adding color is the way to get rid of negative energy from the bedroom. Try to avoid white as this color is associated with death and mourning, and also drains energy. You can opt for off-white if you want to keep it neutral, but you can also try pastel colors such as peach, lemon or salmon. Also paint the sheets a pastel color, unless you’ve been lethargic lately, in which case red sheets can give you a boost. For example, pink bedding is said to be beneficial for your relationship, green promotes family harmony, healing, vitality and new beginnings, yellow is good for health, purple for wealth and blue for knowledge.