Spit: pain in the lower back

Spit: this is a severe back pain in the lower back. Those who have lumbago often cannot do much. Spit hurts a lot and recovery can take a long time. Lump often develops suddenly, but can also develop slowly due to overexertion during the day. How do you get spit and more importantly: how do you get rid of it?

Origin of spit

You don’t get lumbago just like that, but because of incorrect strain or overload on the back. The back is naturally slightly concave. You can clearly see this when you stand or lie upright: the center of the back is slightly inward. This concavity has a useful function: it best distributes the pressure on the intervertebral discs.
Due to a wrong posture or a stooped position, we round the back. The intervertebral discs are therefore pressed against each other on the inside (belly side). Because intervertebral discs contain a core of water, this water is pushed against the back wall (the back). The back wall can withstand this pressure for a period of time, but certain factors can eventually cause the back wall to fail. Risk factors include old age, wear and tear, but also work that often overloads the back. Think of gardeners who are bent over and working all day long.
The overload causes cracks, strains or tears in the back wall. The back wall starts to bulge because the intervertebral disc is pushed through the wall. The intervertebral disc emits an intense pain stimulus that is transmitted to the brain. The brain responds to this by tightening the back muscles. Stiffened back muscles prevent you from continuing to work on the damage.

So lumbago is not muscle pain?

It is often thought that lumbago is an overload of the back muscles and that the problem is therefore located in the muscles. However, the stiff muscles are a response to damage to the back wall of the intervertebral discs. Stiff and painful muscles must ensure that the back is not further burdened, so that the body can recover.

Spit can become herniated

Lust is often thought of lightly, also because it is often assumed that lumbago is a form of muscle pain. But lumbago can eventually develop into a hernia. The cracks in the back wall can become larger, for example due to weakness of the back wall or because work continues with spit in the back. The intervertebral disc bulges even further through the wall and then presses or pinches a nerve. At this point we are talking about a hernia. And in most cases, a hernia will disappear on its own, just like lumbago, but with a hernia the chance of surgery is greater. The pain symptoms associated with a hernia are also often more severe. So it is important not to neglect spit.

Treatment and recovery

Bed rest has no effect on lumbago. In fact, bed rest causes the back muscles to relax more and more. The back muscles stiffen more and more and the pain increases. Exercise is therefore recommended. It is important not to twist your lower back during lumbago. When body rotation is necessary, rotate the entire body, not just the lower back. If you do sedentary work, it is best to take a swivel chair and turn the chair when something needs to be grabbed. With your back against the backrest you can check whether the back remains straight.
Bending over and lifting heavy weights is strongly discouraged for the first time . This can only worsen the complaints. If you need to pick something up from the ground, bend your knees or use a grabbing stick. Keeping the back warm reduces pain. Painkillers also reduce pain symptoms. Be careful when using painkillers: without pain, you are quickly tempted to put the wrong strain on the back again. Spit heals on its own in a few days to a few weeks.

Exercises for the back

Back exercises are mainly intended to relax and strengthen the back muscles. Relaxed back muscles cause less pain.

  • Lie on your back on a bed or on a mat with your knees slightly bent. Lie quietly for a while and breathe deeply.
  • Straighten your legs and bring one knee towards your chest. Hold the knee with your hands for five seconds and repeat with the other knee.
  • Lie on your stomach with a number of pillows under your stomach. The back is now rounded. Remove one pillow at a time and lie on your stomach for a moment. Take your time.
  • Lying on your stomach, rest on your elbows and hold this position for a while.
  • Press up from your elbows until you are supported on your hands. Repeat this a few times.
  • Superman: Lying flat on your stomach, stretch your arms and legs towards the ceiling. Don’t go beyond what is possible.

The exercises should not hurt. If you feel pain, stop the exercises. Never go beyond what is possible. Repeat the exercises twice a day, or more often if necessary.