Tips for relaxing in the bath: a moment for yourself

Taking a bath is a blessing for your body and mind and it is an excellent way to relax. You can make this moment something special for yourself. You can add remedies to the bath water such as essential oils for a wonderful scent or to care for the skin. Put on some nice music, have a nice glass of drink, possibly your favorite magazine and enjoy. Perhaps this is also a great opportunity to use a face mask.

When to take a bath?

It’s always possible if you have the time and inclination. It relaxes both the body and mind and can even have a comforting effect. You can make a soothing bath with flowers, herbs, salt, oils and even bran and vinegar. It warms you up when you’re cold. This way you can warm up extra if you take a bed to which you have added mustard powder. Mix a tablespoon of mustard powder with some water to make a paste and add it to the bath water.

The temperature

When bathing, pay attention to the temperature of the water. In summer it is nicer to have the bath water less hot than in winter. It is better not to make the water warmer than 36 degrees in the morning, because a warmer temperature causes a tired feeling. A lower temperature provides a strong and invigorating feeling. In the evening it is best to take warm bath water from 37 to 39 to relax. For athletes, a temperature of 40 to 42 degrees is nice for stiff muscles and joints. Be aware that hot water dries out the skin and that a bath that is too hot puts unnecessary strain on your heart.


In addition to a pleasant temperature, ensure a relaxed atmosphere. Light some candles or sprinkle some petals in the water. Have a glass of drink and let it smell nice with a few drops of your favorite essential oil. Make sure you have all the necessary products within reach. If you like, put on soothing music or read a magazine. In cold times, put your towel and/or pajamas on the radiator ready for when you get out of the bath .

Bath salts

You can make a nice bath salt yourself by, for example, mixing sea salt with Dead Sea salt. For a little fizz, you can add some baking soda, also known as baking soda. Add a few drops of essential oil if necessary.

Essential oils

Of course, just essential oils in the bath water are also nice. A fragrant combination is, for example, two drops of geranium oil, two drops of rosemary oil and a drop of sage oil. Essential oils are also called aromatic oils. There are many types of oil, such as lavender, lemon, orange or eucalyptus. Experiment with different types of essential oils and discover which one you like.

Oatmeal and bran

Oatmeal and bran contain oils and plant extracts that soothe and soften the skin. They have a cleansing and soothing effect on the skin. Although it makes your skin feel good, it doesn’t look appetizing. Because it sticks to your skin, it is better to put this in a large tea infuser.


If you have dry skin and flakes, you can add a cup of vinegar to your bath water. It softens the skin and counteracts the itching that often occurs with this skin. Use apple wine vinegar for this.

Sea of flowers

Have you ever sat in a flower bath? For example, sprinkle rose petals in your bath and add some rose water. This has a cleansing, healing effect and makes the skin soft. Chamomile flowers have a slightly calming effect. You can put this in a tea egg together with the oatmeal or bran. You can also do this with other flowers such as jasmine flowers or lavender.

Herbal bath

Adding herbs to bath water can also be wonderful. This could be mint, yarrow, laurel or rosemary, for example. It can be surprising what you find in your kitchen or garden. You might discover an herb that you really enjoy in the bath. For example, laurel has a disinfectant effect and mint leaves are refreshing.

Dead Sea salt

As the name suggests, this salt comes from the Dead Sea, which is located on the border between Israel and Jordan. It is located far below sea level and centuries of evaporation have created a high concentration of salts and minerals in the water. On the shores of the Dead Sea, salt deposits can be found in the form of crystals, pillars and rocks. The salt has a beneficial effect and promotes moisture absorption of the upper layer of the skin. In addition, blood circulation is stimulated and it has a muscle relaxing effect. The salt is also used in people with a skin disease or rheumatism.

Face mask

If you want to relax optimally in the bath, this might be a great opportunity to use a face mask. The vapor from the warm water opens the pores so that the skin can better absorb the substances from the mask. Do not put on a mask that needs to dry because it is too moist in the bath.

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