Beauty: colors in cosmetics

Of course, there is always color when you talk about cosmetics. Yet the colors differ per season. It differs not so much from the color spectrum itself, but from the intensity in which you apply color. All colors are possible, but what accentuates and how intensely should the color be applied? If you participate in the fashion image, you tone everything down a bit.

Application color

We all know the color palette for the eyes, for example. Because brown eye shadow works well to accentuate the blue eyes. More neutral is gray and blue etc. etc. But what is an addition is the application of the colors. The advantage is that you may not need to add anything or little to what you already have in the beauty case.

How to apply?

It goes without saying that it is important that you look at how the color can best be applied. In addition to a good base, whether for the eyes, cheeks or lips, the color is best applied diluted. Depending on the product (described below), the point is that it may be an intense color that you apply, but in a toned-down form. So first check what you have left before going to the store to buy new material. Even for those who want and can wear fluorescent colors, wear them in a toned-down form. Gives a very special effect.

Where does color come from?

When applying color to the face, always look at where you want to emphasize. If you want to emphasize the eyes, be reserved with the cheeks and lips. If you want to emphasize the lips, be careful with too much color on the eyes. Sometimes a mascara is enough to give the eyes that fresh look.


The eyes can be seen and color always works well. If you know what color emphasizes your eyes and what matches your outfit, it’s all about how you apply the color. If you want to participate in the fashion scene, there are various options for applying eye shadow. You can easily dilute powder eye shadow by blowing off the brush with eye shadow before applying the eye shadow with the brush (there should be very little left on the brush to apply, carefully dipping it in the eye shadow palette also helps). You can dilute cream eye shadow by spreading the puff on a smooth surface or dabbing it with a tissue and placing the puff thinly against the eye. This also means that color is an accent during the warmer seasons. Furthermore, be careful with eyeliner and apply mascara in one or a maximum of two layers to get that natural and fresh look. For the eyes, don’t forget the eyebrows. The eyebrows are leading when it comes to the overall picture of the face and a good shape and color are important (which, by the way, are not thick drawn lines).
Colors that are additionally shown are:

  • Aqua/sea green
  • Beige/brown/taupe
  • Old pink/brown



Some people really like blush and don’t go out without it, while others never use it. What makes the warmer seasons easier is that the colors are limited and can remain so. No red or hard pink shades, but deep red against warm orange/rust brown or the well-known beige/brown tones. With a little color on the face you can easily add an accent to emphasize the shape of the face.
Powder blush works easiest and then blowing off the brush, which you should always do, is the easiest. Normally you can apply a second layer, but for now limit it to one layer.
Of course, you can always use a foundation underneath and if you use it, make sure you have a transparent base. Possibly even diluted with day cream ( 2 parts day cream, 1 part foundation).
What can be extra convenient are the blushers (usually in cream form) that adapt to the skin color. They are never harsh colors, but give an extra accent to the cheeks. There is a small shimmer in it , which certainly gives a fresh effect on the cheekbones.


It is a bit different for the lips, because they can be given a hard color. Only apply one coat and no gloss. This also gives a hard color a more natural look. The colors that always do well during the warmer months are:

  • Warm hard red (with an orange undertone)
  • Hard pink (with a blue undertone)

With the pink shades it is advisable to already have a slightly tanned skin color, because it has a blue undertone and can otherwise make the face a little too sharp. Just don’t tan the face with foundation, as that almost always gives an unnatural effect.


Unlike other warmer seasons, it is now more pastels, naturals and translucent on the nails. The translucent nail polish resembles a top coat with a drop of pink or red in it. Strongly dilutes and gives the nails a neat appearance, but does not emphasize them as a hard color can do. This actually also applies to pastels and naturals. The pastels are really soft and warm pink, possibly with a gold sheen, is a top color. The naturals are mainly aimed at white skin colours. If your skin now has a tan, this gives a very nice effect.


Whatever you choose, a possible advantage is that you can draw largely from the existing filled beauty case. A little skill goes a long way.