Slim Belly: Does it Work?

The Slim Belly: it promises you a flat and toned stomach in just one month. It consists of an inflatable band that should shrink the abdomen by at least 8 cm. It was developed by ABC-one and many gyms use the Slim Belly. Some gyms even only have equipment that you train on while wearing the band. Does it also work?

What is the Slim Belly?

The Slim Belly provides varying pressure on the abdomen. This will ensure better blood circulation to the skin and fat layer and fat will be burned much sooner. The Slim Belly must be worn in combination with fitness training. The device therefore burns fat locally, something that is always said to be impossible. But according to the makers of Slim Belly, yes. The Slim Belly is so popular that it is offered en masse at gyms. There are all success stories on the Slim Belly website. However, if you ask people about personal experiences in their own environment, they will notice that the Slim Belly does much less than promised.

What does it cost?

A typically Dutch question: how much does it cost? Anyway, we all want to watch our money, especially in times of crisis. So we found out what it costs to use the Slim Belly. You can train at the gym three times a week, with the Slim Belly, for approximately 15 to 25 euros per week. A monthly subscription may be slightly cheaper. The Slim Belly cannot be purchased in a store or via the internet. Perhaps the Slim Belly’s will be available through gyms in the future, when the trend has stopped and they switch to other means.


According to the Slim Belly website, scientific research has been done on the Slim Belly and it has been proven that it works. We decided to take a closer look at the entire study. Two groups were used. One group was the control group and trained without the Slim Belly, the other group trained with the Slim Belly. For 14 days, both groups received a diet of 1,500 kcal and 30-40 minutes of fitness training twice a day. The search was for women who were slightly overweight. The tests were carried out by a hired company that performs all kinds of measurements on equipment, from cars to Slim Bellys.
On average, both groups lost the same amount of weight. The control group lost 1 cm less waist circumference, measured in various places. The skinfold thickness differed by 1 mm between the two groups, in favor of the Slim Belly’s. How reliable was this research?
Overweight women were sought for the groups. The groups consisted of:

  • Group 1 (control group): 34 people with an average BMI of 30.1
  • Group 2 (Slim Belly group): 32 people with an average BMI of 31.2

There’s the first catch. The Slim Belly group has a higher BMI. The higher the BMI, the faster you burn fat. Everyone knows that the first period of losing weight is the easiest. The BMI between the two groups is unequal and the results between the two are too small to speak of ‘scientifically proven effect’.

To use or not to use?

The effect of the Slim Belly is mainly due to the motivation that the device provides. Anyone who believes in the effect and trains hard will lose belly fat. Anyone who puts on the Slim Belly without training will not lose belly fat. The strength lies in training and adjusting the diet.
People who train just as hard without the Slim Belly and pay attention to their diet lose as much fat as the group of Slim Belly users. So it doesn’t matter whether you wear the Slim Belly or not during training. Wearing a clown suit complete with a red wig and training with it is just as effective as wearing the Slim Belly. It’s about training and permanently adjusting your diet . Then you will quickly lose that excess belly fat.
Moreover, one must wonder whether a gym is also a good gym when they recommend the Slim Belly. The device is not able to burn fat effectively and its operation is based only on filling the manufacturer’s purse. Gyms are making good use of the trend; it simply attracts paying customers, especially because the device is not available privately. If training in the aforementioned clown suit becomes the new trend to burn fat, gyms will stock up on clown suits en masse. Which, by the way, makes for a much happier atmosphere in the gym.