Choosing the right eyeshadow color

Good makeup can make the eyes look radiant. However, the choice of ‘wrong’ colors actually makes the eyes less noticeable, the color becomes duller and the overall appearance looks less attractive. Undesirable effects may occur, such as a hard or dull look and an older-looking appearance.

Here are some rules of thumb for choosing the right colors

By choosing a contrasting color, the color of the eyes stands out better. Choosing colors that are the same color as the iris can cause the eye color to be somewhat dwarfed and dominated by the shade of the eye shadow. Which is of course not the intention, it is better to show off the color of the eyes so that they become real eye-catchers.

Muted shades for a natural effect

Gray and brown/earth tones are good base shades that suit most eye colors. The brown or earth tones give a natural effect. The gray tones especially make blue eyes stand out beautifully. It provides a covered, less noticeable eye make-up and will not clash with clothing. Be careful with pearl eye shadow, because it quickly settles in the folds of the skin and this is not flattering, especially on older skin.

Blue eyes

In addition to gray, brown or earth tones, you can choose colors with orange pigments for blue eyes. For example peach, terra or rust brown. The eye shadow that contains orange shades provides a contrast with the blue in the eyes. This makes the blue of the iris appear more striking. Bronze eye shadow also looks great with blue eyes and brown hair. But also lilac/purple or taupe. Of course these are guidelines, the eye shadow can also be chosen according to the clothing. Make sure that this eye shadow matches the clothing as well as the eyes and hair color, so that a beautiful overall picture is created.

Grey eyes

These eyes can be a bit dull in color, especially if the eye shadow is too light in color. Make them more striking by using eyeliner, or by using darker shades of eye shadow. E.g. (darker) blue, moss green, earth tones, purple or anthracite. Or the so-called smokey eyes, where the make-up is applied more heavily.

Brown eyes

There are many eye shadow colors for brown eyes. For example, brown or earth colors for a natural look. For a more striking make-up, you can even use a turquoise eye shadow, which brings out the brown of the iris. But green, blue gold, bronze or lilac/purple eye shadow also suit this eye color. In short, with brown eyes you can give free rein to your expression and apply both natural and more striking makeup.

Green eyes

You can make up green eyes with natural shades, such as peach, brown, etc. It is best to choose colors with an orange undertone. But lilac or taupe colors also look great with green eyes.

The clothing

Almost all shades of eye shadow can be used with black clothing, but beware of (too) pale shades. Furthermore, make sure that the colors do not clash with the clothing. It is less flattering to wear blue eye shadow with brown clothing. White clothing naturally suits all colours, but fresh colors look best. If you wear party clothes with gold or silver accents, you can adjust the eye make-up, for example by using gold or silver eye shadow, possibly with a glitter or shine effect. But this is up to personal taste, you can also opt for a more subdued make-up so that the whole thing does not become too striking.

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