The 10 beauty commandments to look radiant

Basically, there are always some recurring rules in the world of cosmetics that ensure that you always look radiant. Follow these rules and you’ll be well on your way to looking radiant again this summer.

Disinfect yourself every evening

Sleeping with your makeup on is a serious offense. It not only means that you were too lazy to remove make-up in the evening, but especially that you didn’t wash your face. The makeup and all the dirt you’ve accumulated during the day clogs your pores, causing your skin to become irritated and blemishes. Forgotten eye makeup will make your eyes swell.

Bath or shower: never piping hot!

Taking a nice hot bath after a day of lots of stress and worries. You may say wonderful, but your skin disagrees. Hot water dries out your skin and can even cause the capillaries in your skin to break. An average shower takes about 11 minutes and you spend an average of 20 minutes in a bath. Add about two minutes and lower the temperature. Your skin will retain more moisture and feel a lot softer.

Never let the color on your hair grow out

Even though you see teenage starlets making growing out a fashion, letting the color on your hair grow out at the roots is no fun. Ask your hairdresser to apply different tones to your hair roots so that your roots are less visible as they grow out.

Always check your makeup in the daylight

The bright, sometimes even harsh light of the neon lamp in your bathroom can cast shadows on your face that are not there in the outdoor light. Annoying, because you immediately see that your foundation has not been spread properly (and that you are therefore walking around with a Nefertiti face).
After you have applied your make-up in the morning, it is best to check the result in daylight , for example at a window in an unlit room. Pay particular attention to your jawline to ensure that there is not a very striking line running from the lower part of your chin to your neck.

Ban junk food, alcohol, coffee, nicotine

You are what you eat, they say, and just because none of us has ever turned into fries or a hamburger doesn’t mean this grandmother’s wisdom is wrong. If you eat and live unhealthy, you will quickly see this in your skin. Smoking reduces blood flow to your face. Too much caffeine causes dark circles under your eyes. Eating a lot of salty junk food can make your face look puffy. Alcohol dehydrates your skin and makes it red and flushed.
What is good then? Drink liters of water and eat fruits and vegetables that contain many vitamins. Be careful with fruits and vegetables that contain a lot of acids (such as tomatoes), because they can sometimes provoke reactions, especially if you have sensitive skin.

Make sure your blush is ‘invisible’

Take the Big Blush Test: if you can still see that you are wearing blush five steps from your mirror, then the application was definitely not subtle. Better to wipe it out, or apply a more natural shade. Blush is meant to enhance your natural skin tone and features, not to announce, “Look, I’m wearing makeup.”

Don’t lick your lips

It may make them soft and moist again, but that effect won’t last more than a minute. When you lick your lips they tend to become much drier and before you know it they become chapped.
Saliva evaporates and dries out the lips. When you are outside, it is as if a lens has been placed on your lips. Result: the sun will simply scorch your lips. It is therefore best to always have a lip balm with you, preferably one with a sun filter.

Check the expiration date of your makeup

Like any good frugal housewife, you are also frugal with your make-up and care products: don’t do that, because that could cost you dearly.
The golden rule: the more liquid the product, the more prone it is to harbor bacteria. If you notice that the color or appearance of the product has changed: throw it away immediately.
If you are unsure whether an eye product (eye cream, mascara or eyeliner) is still good, err on the side of doubt: also throw it away. You shouldn’t imagine that your sun-sensitive area like your eyes is using a product that has been out of date for a long time.
Mascara and liquid eyeliner last on average about six to nine months, powdered eye shadow and blush about two years (don’t forget to replace your powder brushes and applicators regularly), pencils up to eighteen months (if you haven’t used it yet, sharpen your pencil quite a while), a lipstick for two years, a moisturizer and liquid foundation for one year (creams with a pump are more hygienic), sun products for two years.

Be kind to your hair

Do you wash your hair every day? Do you dry your hair until it is really bone dry? Do you use hot curlers or a baby liss to give your hair curls or make it super smooth? Or do you twist your hair into a pin to put it up? Do you also use a metal brush and do you ever backcomb your hair?
Then you are well on your way to destroying your hair for good. Give your hair a few days off and let it air dry a bit more.

Always protect yourself from the sun

Last but not least, the biggest beauty sin you can commit: not protecting yourself from the sun. It is the ideal way to get as many wrinkles as possible as quickly as possible. Because expensive anti-wrinkle creams and other hi-tech cosmetics can limit the damage somewhat, but you can also ensure that you get as few wrinkles as possible. And you can do this by staying out of the sun and protecting yourself with a day cream that has a built-in sun filter. Yes, even in winter!
Don’t forget your hands either. They immediately look much older if they are exposed to too much sun.
Ask for advice in a perfumery store: they can tell you which product is suitable for you, because the range is really large.

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