Wellness at home

Wellness at home is becoming increasingly common and more efforts than ever are being made in all kinds of areas to make the bathroom ‘wellness-proof’. If the space is too small, we will ensure that a wellness area is set up in an extra bedroom or attic. So we think it’s more important than ever.


Wellness comes from the prosperity society. A society where we chase success and wealth and then there must be something in return to at least try to regain balance. See how this was done in the East and see the wellness resorts where the image of Buddha flourishes. Not that Buddha has anything to do with it, but we think it belongs together and since Buddha represents love, peace, modesty, etc. for many, it fits completely in with the Western spa.
The sauna, salt baths and caves, nice massages or herbal baths, it’s all over in the sauna that takes serious action . With some food, a day in the sauna can easily cost you 100 euros per person and then the question remains whether it actually brings that balance to your busy life. A nice day of relaxation in a very busy life is not always enough, but most people only notice that over time. The moment the body says hello in any way!


To offer even more, there are city wellness centers where you can get a massage on a small scale or spend an hour in the sauna. You are more likely to do this on a more regular basis and then you are more likely to see it as a counterpart to your hectic life.
Another counterpart is to practice some of these rituals at home. At home it is easier to take a moment for yourself several times a week, clear your head and let the body recover. Compare the costs with the aforementioned ways of relaxing and you can quickly do something fun in your own home. But even if you can’t or don’t want to invest in that, there are alternatives.

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Wellness in and around the house

Rebalancing body and mind in this hectic society requires more than taking a dip in a sauna every now and then. It is a lifestyle where you combine the hustle and bustle of daily life, family, career, etc. with resting your body and mind. A moment to let go of everything, to think things through and to ensure that small frustrations, sadness or fear do not finally disappear into a backpack, but that you process them as part of life. So life in balance.

Nature is free

Starting such a process can be a nice walk in nature. Leave the normal living and working environment behind and go into nature. Nature is free and besides the fact that exercise is always good for the body, a forest, for example, absorbs your worries and high thoughts, the wind at the sea can blow everything away and the heathlands are so large that the panoramic view dissolves your worries. It goes without saying that you have to take it seriously, but there is no better provider in the wellness spectrum.

Wellness at your fingertips

But besides nature, there is also plenty to do in and around the house. Some examples:

  • Decorate your bathroom in such a way that it feels relaxed. This can be with color or the lack thereof. But this can also be done using scented candles, there are scents that relax when you are taking a shower or bath.
  • Take a look at the products you use, because there are countless massage shower gels, oils or crystals for the bath or body lotions that relax.
  • Tanning and/or infrared in the shower is now possible. Built into the new bathroom or built into the existing one, it relaxes wonderfully when you are showering and the infrared is good for the muscles.
  • The sauna cabin in the bathroom or elsewhere in the home is becoming increasingly common. It’s wonderful to spend half an hour in the cabin every day to let all the waste disappear and give your thoughts free rein. Don’t forget to exfoliate beforehand once a week (and use a scrub with oil), which is extra good for the skin.
  • Just soak your head in the steam, that is also possible. You can use facial steamers to which you can add all kinds of products that are good for the skin several times a week. Good for the skin, it relaxes and if you don’t have enough space you can also use it at the dining room table. For some extra wellness feeling, place a large damp towel in the microwave and wrap it around the bare skin of your shoulders.
  • Is a hot tub suitable for the garden? They are available in all sizes, luxurious or less luxurious, and therefore also vary greatly in price. Wonderful even in winter and absolutely relaxing. Regularly spending an hour alone or together with others is a different way of relaxing. But also another way to catch up with your partner.



There are plenty of options and whatever you choose, let that relaxation be that relaxation and make sure that you let go of your daily worries at the moment. For a healthy body in a healthy mind.

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