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When you are expecting, it is always exciting whether it will be a boy or a girl. The gender of your baby can be determined with an ultrasound. Nowadays it can be done earlier and earlier. With good equipment it is often possible at 13 weeks. For example, many Dutch people go to Lommel in Belgium, where there is a well-known ultrasound technician who can, in most cases, see the gender at 13 weeks. There are also early opportunities in the Netherlands.


  • Want to know the baby’s gender or not?
  • Is gender determination possible earlier?
  • Conditions for early sex determination
  • Early ultrasound in Belgium (Lommel)
  • Early ultrasound in the Netherlands


Want to know the baby’s gender or not?

When you are pregnant, you undergo an ultrasound scan on a regular basis. During the 20-week medical ultrasound, it is checked whether any physical abnormalities can be found in the child. The gender can also be determined. Of course, the gender is only determined if you want to know it. If you do not want to know the gender, the sonographer will not tell you this. You must therefore make this decision in advance.

Is gender determination possible earlier?

In the Netherlands it is therefore common to find out the gender during the 20-week ultrasound, if desired. However, it is possible to have the gender determined earlier. You can generally have the gender determined via an ultrasound several weeks earlier. Such a gender determination ultrasound is usually possible at 16 or 17 weeks. Since this type of ultrasound is not on medical indication, you will have to make an appointment independently with a commercial ultrasound agency. These types of ultrasounds are usually called fun ultrasounds. A fun ultrasound usually costs several tens of euros.

Conditions for early sex determination

It is not always possible to determine the gender at 16 weeks. The result of a fun ultrasound depends on a number of factors. With every ultrasound it may be the case that the baby does not ‘cooperate properly’ and does not show itself properly. This means that a good view of the genitals cannot be obtained. Furthermore, the amount of amniotic fluid is important; the more amniotic fluid, the better the photos. The results are also often poorer in women with a lot of belly fat. In that case, it is better to wait a few weeks longer before undergoing an ultrasound.

Early ultrasound in Belgium (Lommel)

In recent years, more and more people have been using the services of Echobaby in Lommel. This ultrasound agency has very modern equipment. The quality of the equipment is so good that Echobaby can already determine the gender at 13 weeks of pregnancy. Of course, the same conditions for a good result apply here too. So the baby has to cooperate a little, a lot of amniotic fluid gives better photos and little belly fat has a positive effect on the ultrasound results. The address of Echobaby ultrasound agency is Karel Martelstraat 30 in Lommel.

Early ultrasound in the Netherlands

There are also some ultrasound agencies in the Netherlands that can determine gender at a very early stage. Examples of this are the Ultrasound Center Amsterdam (Kiekstraat 20 Amsterdam) and the Midwifery Ultrasound Center Ite Boerema (Ite Boeremastraat 1 Amsterdam), which can determine gender at 14 weeks. The aforementioned conditions for obtaining a good ultrasound result also apply here.

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