Beauty: Well-groomed and shiny hair

Well-groomed hair is different for everyone, but there is a common denominator and that is that hair is clean and has a model. The type of model, also subject to fashion, is not experienced as equally “beautiful” by everyone. All this does not alter the fact that the range of products that we use as standard in our hair care is increasing.

Head hair

We can leave the function of the past behind us and head hair can still play a protective role, but you can overcome that with a hat. The current role is just about appearance. Hair on your head can make you more beautiful and is not unimportant, because as long as your hair looks good, it is used regularly for good reason. For many people, the finishing touch after the daily toilet is showering, body care and possibly make-up. Commerce wouldn’t be commerce if it didn’t capitalize on the possibilities offered by the various styling products. Healthy and shiny hair is what people want, because it more or less implies that you are healthy (to the eye) and look better. If it doesn’t come from the hair roots, then from a jar. It goes without saying that the products are not just an empty shell for shine, but also offer some care. The care products that also provide shine are therefore indispensable. Every brand has at least one product specifically for shine in its range.

Styling products for shine


Not a product to put in your hair, but one to detangle your hair with the brush. Not every brush offers this, it depends on the hairs in the brush and the way in which they are attached to the brush. But there are special gloss brushes, because Zenner, among others, has a special gloss brush in its range.

Source: Pezibear, Pixabay

A serum, oil, spray or foam?
Everyone has different hair, so to say there is one product that works for everyone is nonsense. With every care product, including a shine product, it is important to check which hair type it is suitable for and whether you want it to also have a caring aspect. For example, an oil product is more likely to have a relaxing effect on thin and fine hair than if you have coarse and unruly hair. Oil can add that refinement to this type of hair, making it easier to style. While there are oils that are specifically for finer hair, Kerastase has an elixir (in three variants) that does not weaken the hair.
Not everyone likes the foam , because we are not all equally good at distributing the foam properly over the hair. The size of a tennis ball is often sufficient, but it is easy to take too much and that can actually make the clean hair look greasy. Be cautious, something extra is always possible. A serum often works a bit more intensely and has a caring aspect, but here too you have to be careful not to weigh the hair down. Gloss serum from Keune or Toni&Guy, for example, works well. For many, the spray is still the ideal way to care for the hair on the head. A spray is thinner than a traditional oil product and the sprays for shine are also usually largely pure for shine. If you choose this, that’s fine, Wella has an oily product in a spray that gives an extremely beautiful shine. Of course, the hairspray with shine is also available in spray form. Great for finishing the hair after styling. Some brands that have shine in the product are Moroccanoilinous or Aveda Brilliant. What we hardly see anymore, but which can provide shine, is the vinegar-like product. Yves Rocher has another hair product in its range. Fortunately, the odor has been neutralized.

Inner care

But the very best thing for healthy hair is a good lifestyle, in which a healthy diet is of course essential. A healthy lifestyle has an impact on everything, you can see it in the skin and therefore also in the hair. Enough sleep, healthy food, enough drinks, limited stress, in short, a life in balance, are the ingredients necessary for a healthy lifestyle. It is not a problem that you occasionally supplement this with a nice shine maker for the hair.

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