Want to lose weight with a diet or rather by eating pills?

Nowadays, anyone who wants to lose weight or simply has a few extra pounds can choose between a diet and/or pills, drinks, nutritional bars, and so on. Losing weight is often not possible with a starvation diet alone and people quickly turn to one of the remedies offered by the trade. These sometimes work, but not always and not for everyone and they can sometimes cause annoying problems. In addition, most resources are really not cheap. Going hungry seems like the only reasonable solution, but that really isn’t necessary. There are other options for this. The diet does indeed need to be revised somewhat, but there is really no need to go hungry. Just by separating carbohydrates and fats you can lose weight without having to go hungry. NB! This article is written from the personal view of the author and may contain information that is not scientifically substantiated and/or in line with the general view.

Dutch people also have to lose weight

It’s not just Americans who are generally overweight. The Netherlands also has many fat people. Despite everything, we are still better off in the Netherlands than in much of the world. There is plenty of food, while daily life often requires much less exercise than was previously the case. It is still possible to lose a few kilos, but what do you do if there are really 10 kilos too much on the scale?

A sedentary life is often disastrous for the figure

Office workers, municipal officials, students and drivers often lead sedentary lives. Politicians, managers, directors and the like also often exercise too little and regularly have lunch appointments and dinners. If they are not careful, they will quickly become too fat. Many Dutch people want to lose weight and start a diet at a certain point. Getting started is usually not a problem, but how do you maintain a diet? Most people cannot do that so easily.

Fat children also often have to go on a diet

In addition to adults, a large proportion of our children are also at risk of becoming overweight. They spend a lot of time in front of the TV and computer, play on the tablet and on their phone and spend much less time outside than would be desirable. Quick snacks, sweets, the chip shop and things like McDonald’s often lead young people in the wrong direction. Children should actually receive information about good nutrition at home and at school at an early age.

Cooking together with children is fun

This is possible by making and cooking food together with children and letting them taste what natural food tastes like. After all, a homemade soup, made from meat and vegetables, tastes very different from soup from a pack, a can or a bag and has far fewer added ingredients, which actually do not belong in a normal diet and are often not even good for your health. Schools are slowly becoming convinced of this and something is being done about it here and there. Many parents also let their children help with cooking. After all, information about good nutrition is also part of education. In addition, many children also enjoy preparing food themselves.

The trade in slimming products is still growing

Due to all these weight problems, especially among adults, the trade in slimming products is still growing rapidly. Slimming is in. There are a multitude of slimming products on the market and one product is even more expensive than the other. There is a lot of money to be made from it. Every slimming product promises the short-term and easy loss of a few kilos. The manufacturer cannot always keep that promise. One person is not the same as another and the effect of slimming products can therefore be different for each person. Some people have lost a lot of money, while the drug has not helped them at all.

Problems caused by losing weight with pills and other similar remedies

Some people also develop problems due to the use of the substances. For example, not everyone’s stomach can handle it. Most slimming products are based on providing a full feeling in the stomach, which prevents hunger. In addition, some products also provide some minerals and vitamins to support the body in the meantime. The stomach therefore receives a week (or a few weeks) and a very different treatment than it was used to. After such a weight-loss diet, some people can no longer eat everything that they previously liked and could tolerate well.

Treatments with tablets, sachets of powder or other substitutes

Anyone who diets with or without weight-loss drugs and has to deny themselves all the tasty food will not be able to keep it up for long. Certainly not if it involves suffering from hunger. After a week everyone is fed up and succumbs to more and more pleasant food. The yo-yo effect is caused by losing weight too quickly and then returning to the old eating pattern. This also applies to a waste treatment with tablets, sachets or other products. If you start eating normally again after such a treatment, the lost kilos will be regained just as quickly as they disappeared. That is not the right way to lose weight.

It is better to avoid slimming pills and other artificial substances

Anyone who wants to lose weight in a healthy way and also wants to save money on expensive products does not have to go hungry. You can simply separate the meals with carbohydrates and with fats. That’s enough. After all, carbohydrates and fats help each other to stay in the body. Together they ensure fat storage in the body. If you keep the two separate, you can just eat until you have enough and you don’t have to diet.

Examples of a balanced diet that you can easily maintain

A meal of bread, crackers, toast and/or rusk, topped with fruit, jam, lettuce, radish, tomato and the like, but without butter or mayonnaise on top, is an excellent meal. It won’t make you fat. You can eat it until you have enough. A dinner can consist of plain soup with vegetables and meat. However, avoid vermicelli. Have plain (unbreaded) meat with or without gravy (this should not be made with flour of course, at most with tomato puree and/or vegetables), various vegetables and/or salads and cottage cheese, natural yoghurt or cheese for dessert.

Allow three hours between meals

However, there should be three hours between meals containing carbohydrates and fats. The stomach needs that time to process the food. After three hours, the danger has passed that the new carbohydrates or fats can still mix with parts of the previous meal in the digestive tract.

Don’t go hungry and eat healthy during a weight loss period

However, with such a diet you do not feel hungry. It is only difficult in the evening around eight o’clock, because no biscuits are allowed with tea or coffee. Late at night a glass of wine is possible, but no toast with cheese, at most just a little cheese. After all, toast with cheese means carbohydrates with fat. That combination turns on. Just some cheese is slightly less dangerous, especially if taken three hours after a meal.

This diet without pills is easy to maintain

The above diet is easy to maintain. You don’t have to go hungry. It is known under different names in the diet industry, but it all comes down to the same thing: separating carbohydrates and fat. If you do this for a few weeks, you will notice that you no longer gain weight as quickly and you also know very well what causes you to gain weight and what you should take as an exception.

Losing weight through a diet and without pills is healthier

Such a diet works quickly and is cheaper than a diet with slimming products. In addition, it is healthier, because you get all the nutrients you need per day. Vegetables, fruit, carbohydrates and fat, it’s all allowed. However, make sure you don’t make the dinner (with fat) fattier than necessary. You can also opt for lean meat and prepare the vegetables with no more mayonnaise, oil or sauce than is necessary to be tasty.

Movement is necessary

In addition to a diet to lose weight, exercise is also very important. A good habit, for example, is a walk after meals. Many people sit down after a meal and cleaning up, but it is much better to take a walk of at least half an hour. That helps digestion and burns some fat. my view on

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