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Ombre hair is the process of blending your natural hair color into a lighter hair color in the ends. In recent years, this has come back everywhere every summer and is also very popular among celebs. How can you do this yourself? An ombre effect makes your hair more interesting without coloring your entire hair at once. This also means you will not get any growth at the roots. Of course you can have this done at the hairdresser, but that will easily cost you 100 euros. Here are a few ways you can do it yourself for less than $15.

Ombre hair

This works on all hair colors. You can buy bleaching at the drugstore for this. You can choose whether you take a cheap or a more expensive brand. Ultimately it all does the same thing: bleaching. The bleaching package often includes plastic gloves. It is highly recommended to use this, because the hydrogen peroxide in the bleach is bad for your skin. Always follow the instructions on the package carefully!

You can achieve an ombre effect in two ways

Way 1

  • Prepare the paint according to the instructions on the package. Make sure you wear old clothes because it also bleaches your clothes. You can divide your hair into a few sections and secure them so that you can do them one by one.
  • Now start applying the dye to the ends of your hair. Concentrate mainly on the ends of your hair and then work further and further into your hair so that less dye ends up there than in the ends. Go as far up your hair as you want. Spread it well and try to create a nice overflow for a natural effect.
  • You can now wrap the strands in aluminum foil for a faster effect. Leave the paint in according to the time on the package. You can also check the color in between. Keep in mind that your hair is darker when wet and can therefore turn out blonder than you initially thought. Then rinse the paint thoroughly.


Way 2

  • Prepare the paint as in method 1 and also wear old clothes.
  • Now apply the dye to the ends of your hair. This time don’t spread it too much upwards, but really concentrate only on the ends.
  • Now wrap this in aluminum foil and let it sit for half the time stated on the package.
  • Then rinse it out.
  • After this, apply the dye to your hair again. In your points, but also in the part above, as far as you want. Leave this on for half the time stated on the package.
  • Rinse this out. This method means that the ends of your hair are bleached longer than the part above them and you will get a nice transition in your hair.


Way 3

  • Prepare the paint as in method 1 and also wear old clothes.
  • Now take a section of hair each time and coat it with paint. Spread it further up, but make sure there is more paint at the bottom of the tuft than above and make sure there is a nice overflow.
  • Wrap each individual section in aluminum foil. Make tufts of different heights and also leave tufts of your own hair color.
  • Allow the paint to absorb according to the time on the package and then rinse. This way is the most work, but it gives the most natural effect.

With brown or black hair the effect can turn orange. This is because bleaching does not actually make your hair blonde, but only bleaches it. This problem is easy to solve. You can buy a special silver shampoo or purple shampoo at the drugstore for this. This pulls the orange or yellowish tint from your hair, making it more of an ash blonde color.
Your hair often becomes very dry due to bleaching. To do this, you can use a hair mask or conditioner a few times a week after washing your hair. You can also just buy this at the drugstore.
You can also give the ends of your hair a color. This is called dip dye.


If you have light blonde hair, you no longer need to bleach your hair. With darker hair you have to bleach it, otherwise the color will not stick to the hair. It is best to buy washable paint, for example from the brands: La Riche Directions or Manic Panic. You can often order these brands of hair dye on the internet, so you have all kinds of colors. For light blonde hair, you can simply follow the instructions on the colored dye. You must first determine how high you want the color to be. Then apply the paint up to there and blend it upwards so that you don’t get a straight line. For dark hair, you must first bleach the ends. You can then dip-dye your hair in the same way as for light blonde hair.

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