Make your own face mask easily

Do yourself a favor and relax with a face mask. This can be done, for example, by lying down somewhere, sitting in your favorite easy chair or taking a bath. It ensures that your skin is deeply cleansed and has extra blood circulation: a wonderful beauty treatment. You can also make a face mask yourself. It is not only fun and educational, but also very easy to do.

The usefulness of a face mask

When you put on a face mask, you have a moment for yourself. This provides relaxation and allows you to let go of the hustle and bustle of everyday life. In addition, a mask nourishes the skin, gives it a better complexion and can even delay the signs of aging. The skin is deeply cleansed and nourished. The mask temporarily closes the facial skin, allowing for extra blood flow. This way, this beauty treatment has optimal effect.


Clean your skin well before putting on a mask. This can be done, for example, with a facial lotion or with lukewarm water. A mask has the most effect if you first scrub your skin so that the dead skin cells are removed. Take your time with the mask and make sure you can lie or sit somewhere relaxed. Do not clean your house with a mask on, because then you are doing yourself a disservice. For example, you can also sit in the bath. The warm vapors ensure that the skin pores open so that the mask can work even better.

Apply the mask

Most masks require an application time of ten to twenty minutes. Don’t forget to moisturize your neck and décolleté and leave the skin around your eyes exposed. To relax your eyes optimally, you can place cucumber slices on top. Once the mask has been absorbed, you can rinse it with lukewarm water. But you can also remove it just like at the beauty salon with a towel moistened with warm water.

Make your own face mask

It is quite easy to make a facial mask yourself, often you already have the ingredients at home. Yoghurt is an excellent basis for a mask. If you add olive oil, lemon, honey, egg, oat flour or fruit, you have all the necessary ingredients for soft skin. Fresh fruits and fruit juices have a moisturizing effect and the fruit acids help to loosen dead skin cells. Egg yolk is very nourishing. Below are a number of examples of how to make a face mask yourself.


This is an important source of vitamin B and works against oily skin. It can prevent the formation of blackheads. Potato can also soothe sunburned skin. Mix two tablespoons of potato starch with one tablespoon of warm milk. This ensures that the skin feels firm and soft. You can also mix a tablespoon of potato liquid with a tablespoon of porcelain clay. This is available in health food stores.


This has a cleansing effect and contains vitamin C. To make a Persian strawberry mask, do the following: mix finely mashed strawberries with beaten egg white and rose water. This ensures that your skin feels sparkling and fresh. It also seems to prevent wrinkles.


Apple contains vitamins A and C and the minerals iron and potassium. It also contains enzymes that help remove dead skin cells and bacteria. It protects against infections and soothes red, burned skin. For example, you can grate an apple and mix the following into it: a tablespoon of honey, an egg yolk, a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and three tablespoons of oil. An apple mask has a soothing effect.


This fruit is rich in vitamins A, B, C and E, vegetable oils and minerals. Belongs to one of the best natural cosmetics and is used for body care wherever it grows in the world. To make a mask for dry skin: mash a ripe avocado, add a tablespoon of yogurt, a teaspoon of honey and a few drops of lemon juice. This also helps against dehydration caused by the sun. This mask replenishes the moisture deficit and makes the skin soft.


A banana contains many vitamins and minerals. It works well for skin that is dehydrated. Mash the banana finely and add a tablespoon of cottage cheese and an egg yolk if necessary. If you have dry skin: mix half a ripe banana with a teaspoon of honey and two teaspoons of cream. If you have oily skin, you can add another teaspoon of fresh orange juice.


This fruit ensures that accumulated dead skin cells on the surface loosen and are removed. It therefore works well in healing acne and pimples. Grind two tablespoons of ripe papaya flesh and apply it as a mask. If necessary, add yogurt in case of pimples and honey to nourish the skin.


Egg contains many vitamins, proteins, iron and lecithin. There is a simple mask to make as follows: beat an egg white, apply it to your face and let it sit until it has dried tightly. If you have dry skin, you can add some honey or oil. Make a simple Persian facial mask: mix a tablespoon of olive oil with egg yolk. You can also combine the egg yolks with some cucumber, lemon or orange juice for oilier skin.

Aloe vera

A mask with aloe vera gel is easy to make. You can mix the gel with ingredients such as cottage cheese, wheat or oat flour or finely ground almonds. For more nutrition you can add cream or egg yolk. Aloe vera moisturizes and removes dead skin cells. For more information about aloe vera, see: Aloe vera: medicine and cosmetics.


There are also whole body wraps with chocolate. Make your own cocoa mask for your face. It closes the pores. To make this: Add four tablespoons of cocoa powder to four tablespoons of whole milk. Mix the ingredients into a paste and let it work for ten minutes. For oily skin, it is better to leave it on for twenty minutes.


You can apply this to any skin type and has a soothing effect. In addition, honey contains minerals, vitamins, sugars and wax. It contains substances that help retain moisture in the skin and helps restore the upper layer of the skin. Honey also has an anti-inflammatory effect. To make a nourishing honey mask you can do the following: mix a teaspoon of honey with a tablespoon of full cream. You can also add egg yolk, milk, almond, avocado or wheat germ oil.


This has a cleansing effect. It has a relaxing and strengthening effect, helps with tired skin, sunburned skin and eyestrain from the computer. To do this, you can simply place cucumber slices on the skin and eyes. You can make a mask by pureeing a quarter of a cucumber and mixing it with two tablespoons of cottage cheese or yogurt. The skin feels refreshing. Or make a stronger mask by grating a quarter of a cucumber and collecting the liquid. Beat in an egg white and a teaspoon of lemon juice. The peel of the cucumber contains the most vitamins and minerals. Therefore, it is best to use unpeeled cucumbers.


Yogurt is often used as a base for a facial mask. It is especially suitable for people with dry skin because yogurt has a moisturizing effect. In addition, it also has a degreasing effect, loosens skin cells and makes the skin supple. It works well against pimples because it contains bactericidal enzymes. You can simply apply plain yogurt to the skin, for example once a week. An example of a mask against acne is: tablespoons of yogurt, a beaten egg white and some finely ground oatmeal.

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