Unexplained disorders due to psychological problems

Problems with the body, less well functioning body processes, or not feeling well, and so on. It is a reason for many people to go to the doctor or seek medical advice. We assume that people in the hospital know everything there is to know about the body. Nothing is less true. In the Netherlands, an estimated one million people suffer from complaints for which no medical cause can be attributed. How does an unexplained condition due to mental health problems affect you and what can be done?

Unexplained disorders: psychological

  • Scan and blood tests found nothing
  • Couldn’t find a reason
  • Ashamed of unexplained conditions
  • Emotional burden from the past
  • Mental problems cause stress
  • Relief through relaxation, B12 and tea
  • Necessity to be able to give it a place


Scan and blood tests found nothing

You come to the hospital and explain the complaints. In response, the doctor may suspect a certain condition and this means that a specific method of examination is carried out. A blood test will be carried out and you may go through a scan. The problem is that the doctor only focuses on a specific problem, which in retrospect apparently does not arise. The complete examination shows nothing and the doctor cannot tell much else. Often no additional research can be done because there are no indications for further analysis. In addition, the doctor must also pay attention to the costs incurred within the already reduced coverage within the health insurance. What now?

Couldn’t find a reason

You come home from a rude awakening because you feel in your body that something is wrong while the doctor can’t find anything. It confirms that you may be different from others and the clinical picture does not fit with what others consider normal. Your body tells you with pain and complaints that you are not well, but you do not fit within the medical picture. Treatment is therefore not possible, so you continue to suffer from the condition. Not having answers leaves you alone. No label can be printed on it, so you have to rely on yourself.

Ashamed of unexplained conditions

Because your condition does not fit within the standard medical picture, you are excluded. Others will often not understand what you have and may respond that the whining is just a pain. You know differently, but won’t come out about it. Rather, it is shame that bothers you, pushing you into isolation. If it is accompanied by a lot of muscle pain, you may end up in a wheelchair. The condition puts you even further down the drain with depressive results. To prevent things from going from bad to even worse, it is important to determine the source of the condition. What are psychological problems?

Emotional burden from the past

What many people do not realize is that we have a long history behind us. You grew up within certain circumstances. What were your parents like during your childhood, did you have many friends, did special things happen, did you see something or did something happen to you? Important questions to which you may have hidden the answers deeply as a child. You no longer know about it yourself, but in the subconscious it may have started to simmer over time. It means that the hidden problems start to influence the rest of the body.

Mental problems cause stress

Without you even realizing it, your emotional state causes you to become stressed. Stress means that toxins enter the body, such as uric acid, excess stomach acid and lactic acid. Even if there is no demonstrable indication, you will suffer from aches and pains, growing conditions, cramped muscles, and so on. The condition can change from bearable to unbearable, meaning you continue to suffer continuously. In our country we believe that we should be big and strong. We should not pay much attention to events and just continue by being tough. However, with psychological damage in the subconscious, it can lead to much more damage. What can be done temporarily and what is the long-term solution?

Relief through relaxation, B12 and tea

Knowing what tension is and how to relax the body is important. It ensures that you can use a conditioned way of life to deal well with those annoying pains. It can also provide relief, so you can do more. Of course, it is always important to continue to exercise sufficiently, because a non-moving body tends to cramp more. Develop yourself by going out and doing more. You develop the muscles better, so that acids have less influence or are removed better. Taking B12 vitamins can help reduce conditions. Walking for relaxation also certainly helps. Additionally, you can take nettle tea, which has a moisture-wicking effect and also removes toxins. Possible causes of aches and pains thus decrease. This does not alter the fact that the cause is still present, namely psychological baggage. It can always return in an aggravated form in the same or another part of your body. What can you do about it?

Necessity to be able to give it a place

Find out what happened. If you are already older, your parents may no longer be there and it is therefore difficult to find out what happened. If you dream a lot, it may be useful to remember as many details as possible when you wake up. Your dreams are often not a deception, but a reflection of faded facts. It can provide insight into what happened. In addition, talking is an important way to determine the cause of problems. Often going to the psychiatrist is a logical step, because you want to get rid of the condition. There are resources available to help you learn more about what happened in your childhood. Understanding what happened can bring it out of the subconscious so you understand yourself better. This can reduce stress. Consult with your doctor to determine which agency you should contact to report your problems. Please note that as of 2013 the general practitioner has access to a manual or charter for unexplained conditions in order to send the patient on the right path sooner.

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