Health: Exercises for the buttocks

Besides the fact that exercise is good for the body, it is also nice to have the parts of the body that are exposed in good shape, especially in the summer. Now there are some parts of the body that can relatively quickly become an insecure factor, especially for women. One of them is the buttocks and the buttocks are simply more visible in the summer than in the winter. What can you do for the buttocks without an extensive training program?

Beauty ideal

Provided that everyone decides for themselves what he/she likes and even if the buttocks do not meet the beauty ideal, it is still up to the man or woman to decide for themselves whether they can be shown. Yet there is a large proportion, more women than men, who want their buttocks in shape before they are exposed to sunlight on the beach. Nice round buttocks, small tight buttocks… fortunately… so many people, so many buttocks!

Move the buttocks

Without immediately running like crazy or doing exercises, you can also start exercising the gluteal muscles on a limited scale. The only thing that always matters is persevering. Continuity is important to achieve something with the muscles and perhaps more importantly, to keep going. In any case, a period of several months is important to see a significant difference. So beautiful buttocks in the summer months, which means starting in the spring. Get your body out of its comfort zone and get started!

Combine with work

For the man or woman who works while sitting, you can make a good start by tensing and relaxing the gluteal muscles several times a day for one full minute while sitting on the chair. You can do it as often as you want, but it only works if you continue to do it regularly. But for those who stand a lot while working, they can actually do the same exercise. If you walk a lot you use the glutes differently, so that is more difficult.

Nice cycling

You have to work your glutes a lot when you cycle, so a solution may be to see where you can leave the car or public transport for the bike. To work, shopping, picking up the children, visiting friends or doing your hobby, see what you can do with your bike. On the one hand, good for the movement of the body in general and on the other hand, to work on the gluteal muscles.

Source: Skeeze, Pixabay

The long distance runner has little buttocks, if you can call it that, but if you run in a targeted manner, you can stimulate the gluteal muscles and still enjoy the running process and the condition. If you want to run a few kilometers, for example, after running one kilometer, alternate a stretch of approximately six to seven hundred meters (preferably a straight section) with interval training. These are equal parts, just sprinting, then walking the same part at a leisurely pace and then sprinting again. You alternate this about 3 to 4 times. Then you run a few kilometers again at a normal running pace and do another interval session.


Want to do some exercises that are good for the buttocks? Repeat them in ascending order, starting from about five times to about fifteen to twenty times.

  • Stand upright with your feet hip-width apart and bend your knees as if you were sitting down. Knees should not bend too far forward.
  • Stand up straight and put one leg forward and bend that leg. The rear leg remains straight. Stand up slowly and alternate legs.
  • Lie on the floor (arms at your sides) and raise your legs. Raise your pelvis until your body forms a diagonal line and tighten your glutes. Hold for a moment and return to the starting position.


Power supply

By adjusting your diet a little, you can also work on a more beautiful buttocks. Important aspects are less sugar in prepared products (this is always good, but certainly also for the buttocks) and paying attention to your other carbohydrates. Limit them and what you take preferably in high-fiber versions, such as your bread and pasta or rice. Eat lots of vegetables and fruit and limit your fats.


A healthy lifestyle automatically involves exercise and a healthy diet. Then the buttocks should also be fine, but with just a little more attention to the buttocks you may be able to achieve just a little more. If you have more time to devote to it, start now.

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