A natural look for daytime

Not everyone has much time or inclination to put on extensive make-up in the morning. But smoothing out any mistakes or skin that is not even in color does not take too much time and effort. This light, almost invisible make-up also forms a good basis for evening make-up.

The basis for eye make-up

Many women suffer from red eyelids or discoloration around the eyes. As a base against dark circles, for example, the eye cream Even Better Eyes from Clinique can be applied first. This cream is hypoallergenic and the applicator has a cooling effect, which reduces any swelling. A small tip can also be applied to the top of the eyelids with the finger. Then gently spread towards the eyebrow and any darker areas of the skin above the eyes.

Natural eyes

A natural, almost invisible way to make up the eyes is with an eye shadow that is natural in color. A good example is: Beige Shimmer 003 from Clinique. This is a light beige color that provides good coverage. An advantage of this eye shadow is that it evens out discolorations. Red eyelids are also no longer noticeable. Some mascara on the eyelashes and this natural eye makeup is ready. You can also choose a brown mascara for a soft and natural effect.

Toning down colors

Another advantage of this eye shadow color: when used as a base, it will soften the next eye shadow color that is applied over it. For example, a color that is too harsh can be toned down a bit. If the color is still a bit too hard or bright, the Beige Shimmer can also be applied over it. Always use clean sponges and/or brushes in the different eye shadow colors, so that they remain clear and do not mix with each other in the boxes.


A concealer can be used for irregularities. Choose light colors that approximate your own skin color. However, a color that is too light can cause any irregularities, such as pimples, to appear larger and to stand out. Using camouflage that is too dark can also be disastrous. The choice of color is therefore very important when camouflaging irregularities. The best way to compare the makeup product with the skin color is to test the color on the inside of the wrist or at the neck.

Foundation or BB cream

Choose a light, liquid foundation in a color that comes as close as possible to your own skin color. If in doubt, choose a color that is slightly lighter than a darker color. The latter gives an unnatural effect, makes you look older and makes imperfections more noticeable. Keep it light and airy and avoid using heavy layers of makeup or thick layers of powder. Would you rather not wear make-up? Then choose a BB cream. This cream smoothes, hydrates and cares for the skin in one step. They are available from various brands, such as Garnier, Yves Rocher, Clinique, etc.

Natural blush

If the complexion is pale, you can apply some blush to the cheeks. Do not use striking, bright colors, but choose soft shades with this natural make-up. For example, peach shades are the best choice for this. Too bright pink or red can look very unnatural.

Lip gloss or nude lipstick

A lip gloss can be used for the lips. No lip gloss at hand? Then take a pinch of Vaseline, which keeps the lips supple and protects the delicate skin. You can also choose a nude (skin-colored) lipstick to complete the natural look.

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