Health: Celebrate spring!

Spring is not dependent on the weather, but we do make that link automatically. If we then encounter a spring that does not meet our standard in terms of temperature and the idea that spring involves sun, greenery and increasing temperatures, then we have a problem. Or maybe not?!

Dutch spring

Many people are ready for spring after a cold winter. The spring where greenery sprouts, the temperature indeed rises and everything looks just a little bit happier. Although humans can manipulate many things, adjusting the temperature is not one of them (not counting global warming caused by humans). Waiting to see what the weathermen and women have to say can also mean being disappointed again and again. The Dutch spring is fickle and we have to make do with that.
Temperature is one thing, but it is a pity that the result is that nature gets going later. Heat is needed for germination and if this is lacking, plants will remain sheltered for a while. Birds that come from far away do not know this and that can have consequences for the bird population. Either way, it has a kind of domino effect to a limited extent. Yet humans can change the feeling of spring, because we have been given brains for that.

Turn that switch in your head

The advantage of a human brain is that we have imagination and that can mean that you can also evoke the feeling of a warm spring sprouting. With this you can put yourself in the next position, namely that of celebrating the budding spring. A number of things are needed that can give you the right feeling.

  • Spring comes with cleaning up. Not the most fun activity for everyone, but it will be different if you throw away winter tidying up and allow spring to come. Give your home a spring atmosphere with a fresh cleaning and washing and tidying up the things that remind you of winter. The warm, thicker fabrics such as cushions and rugs (on the sofa and/or on the floor), but also the accessories in matching colors and scented candles that have a winter scent. Replace it with the things that give you that spring feeling in the scents and colors of spring.
  • If you first need some inspiration for your home, go for a nice walk in nature. With a fresh spring you might still be wearing a nice sweater, but getting ideas, hearing the birds chirping and taking in the very carefully blossoming spring can give you a lot of inspiration. You may find some nice branches and pine cones or acorns that you can use as decoration.
  • The exercise you get during a walk is more than fine, but spring is also a season when many people exercise more vigorously in order to get back into the summer in good shape and in good condition. Put on your sneakers and work outside. The now well-known boot camps can be found everywhere, they are intensive and you can enjoy the outdoors.
  • Animals also make many people happy and what is more reminiscent of spring than lambs. If you don’t live in a rural area where you already see them walking, look for a petting zoo. There is a good chance that there are already lambs walking around and otherwise there are plenty of other animals that can give you that pleasant spring feeling.
  • If the temperature does not yet allow you to sit outside, arrange things differently. You can enjoy a glass of wine together outside or read a book with a nice thick cardigan, but also by placing a large fire basket and lighting the fireplace (or you already have an outdoor fireplace). It will be nice and warm and cozy in the vicinity of the heat source in no time. It’s also nice to invite some friends at such a time and have a drink outside together.
  • Spring is also the perfect time to gain inspiration and why not get away for a few days with your partner or friends? A beautiful natural environment, a bustling city or a coastline with a panoramic view… listen to your feeling and then decide which wind direction you will follow. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a southern country, it’s about what gives you energy. Because energy gives you a good basis for the new season.


Source: Vught – Annastaal

Spring is within you

Just as there are many people where the glass is half empty, there are also many people where the glass is half full. This also applies to spring, because you can make it a nice start to the new season or you just grumble about the bad weather. Not that that helps, at most it makes you even grumpier. Take matters into your own hands and start spring even without a warm sun. So celebrate spring!

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