B12 deficiency as a cause of unexplained disorders

The body needs many substances to be able to perform all functions at a good quality level. Iron, magnesium, zinc, vitamins, etc. form the basis of well-functioning inner processes. A deficiency of a substance can have major consequences for the optimal functioning of the body. Many complaints can occur for which no apparent medical explanation can be found. Due to a deficiency, problems can even occur at the DNA level and that can cause major problems. Why can a B12 deficiency fall under unexplained conditions and what can the complaints be?

Unexplained conditions: B12 deficiency

  • What does the vitamin do in the body?
  • Nervous system and DNA
  • Unexplained complaints, the three causes
  • Physical body complaints
  • Nerve pathways affected
  • Mental health problems
  • Have the blood values tested
  • Supplementing B12 deficiency and preventive intake


What does the vitamin do in the body?

The body needs enough red blood cells so that iron can be linked to hemoglobin to carry oxygen. The primary task of cobalamin (B12 vitamin) is to transport sufficient oxygen-rich blood throughout the body. With anemia, or reduced production or shortage of red blood cells, muscles and organs do not receive enough oxygen, causing all parts of the body to function less well. However, if you have chronically insufficient intake, you can have other unexplained complaints without anemia. What other processes does it influence?

Nervous system and DNA

Muscles, organs, body parts, etc. are controlled by electrical signals distributed through the nervous system. How effectively signals are transmitted is determined by the smooth functioning of nerve pathways (axon and myelin). B12 ensures that all processes between the brain and nerve endings run smoothly. If a shortage causes problems, signals are sent incorrectly. Movements go wrong and painful stimuli occur even though there is no reason for pain. The deterioration of nerve pathways involves a structural deficit, with complaints worsening over time. In other words, the condition is initially unrecognizable until mild to more serious problems gradually arise. This principle also applies to the composition and maintenance of the correct DNA structure. Old cells are systematically replaced, but if this happens with defective DNA material, it can have far-reaching consequences for health. What are the complaints?

Unexplained complaints, the three causes

Normally there are three reasons for unexplained conditions, one of which has a medical background but is recognized late. These are thyroid problems, many of which are caused by disrupted hormones. In addition, it can be caused by an unresolved past, which causes tension to build up in the body. Finally, it can be caused by a cobalamin deficiency. The complaints of a B12 deficiency are divided into three body processes, namely physical, nerve pathways and mental.

Physical body complaints

An important sign is having strange muscle pains, with reduced strength. The body can quickly have less energy, causing you to quickly become exhausted. This means that you want to sleep a lot or take a nap regularly. You feel less hungry for food and therefore you also lose weight. It may be accompanied by nausea. Additional pains may include frequent migraines, ringing or ringing in the ear, strange movements of muscles without effort, and joint pain. The intensity of the pain gets worse with time, and it can also occur more often. So it is a worsening condition if nothing is done about it.

Nerve pathways affected

For the body to function properly, various body parts, organs, tissues, etc. must communicate well with the brain. If gaps or defects occur in the communication lines (nerves), information in two directions does not arrive properly. It can make you unable to walk properly, react less quickly, appear clumsy, stumble, and so on. Legs and hands no longer feel like they used to. So the motor skills are out of whack. Concentration also decreases and forgetfulness increases.

Mental health problems

You may be easily irritated by others, but you can also quickly change your mood. You may prefer to be alone and this can lead to a degree of depression. The world seems to pass the person by, with life lived day by day. It can lead to paranoia and possible psychosis.

Have the blood values tested

To find out whether you have a chronic deficiency of the B12 vitamin, you can do a serum level test at your doctor or in the hospital. A blood test can quickly determine whether there is a deficiency. If in doubt, also have your thyroid levels tested, because some complaints can also be caused by disrupted hormones. If you recognize yourself in previous problems, have yourself tested so that you can quickly find a definitive answer.

Supplementing B12 deficiency and preventive intake

A chronic deficiency can be supplemented. This does not mean that all complaints will simply disappear, but the condition will improve with increasing vitamin content. In the event of a true B12 deficiency, always consult with the treating physician about what you can best do to reduce the symptoms.

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