Essential oil and its influence on sleep

Essential oils are extracted from plants and sometimes several types of oil can be obtained from one type of plant. They are also called aromatic, volatile or essential oils. Essential oils are often used to relax. For example, lavender and chamomile are tranquilizers that are known to many people. Essential oils are also used to promote sleep or to relax during a massage.

How is essential oil made?

Essential oil is also called aromatic, volatile or essential oil. These volatile oils are extracted from plants using all parts of the plant such as the blossom, the fruit, the leaf, the peel, the wood or the seeds. There are also aromatic oils that contain multiple parts of the plant. Essential oils are volatile just like ether and have strong scents. Literally the word aither means air of heaven. This oil owes its name to this. The name essential oil is an Anglicism and comes from the English word essence, which means extract.

Price difference

There are types of essential oil that are quite expensive. This is because sometimes it takes a lot of plants to produce a small amount of oil. An example of an expensive oil is rose oil. It takes many specially grown roses to produce a little essential oil. An example of a cheap oil is orange oil because the orange peel required is a waste product.

Relax with oil

By filling a bath with a nice temperature of warm water in which you add some of your favorite oil and with some candles around you, you are guaranteed to get into a relaxed mood. With this aromatherapy you can let all the stress of the day slide away. Essential oils have a positive influence on both your emotional and physical condition. You can also use oil to promote a good night’s sleep.

Preparing for sleep

To optimally prepare yourself for sleep, it is best to take a lovely bath with a soothing essential oil about 45 minutes before going to bed. The water should be warm enough to calm and relax sore muscles, but not too hot as this will cause the oil to evaporate more quickly. After bed you feel relaxed and nice and warm. The body temperature will then drop. A falling body temperature is one of the things that initiates the sleep process.

Why it’s good for sleep

Essential oil affects the central nervous system. By breathing it in, it affects the state of mind in your brain and by applying it to the skin (via massage) it enters your cell tissues and blood circulation through the skin so that it can reach all parts of your body. Chemical reactions in your body react to it in the same way as medicines, but it has the advantage that it has fewer side effects. However, it does take longer before it works. Due to its remarkable effect on brain activity, alertness and your mood, the right oil can relax your mind, relieve pain and combat insomnia. Especially in combination with a massage, it is a wonderful method to sleep well. In some hospitals, lavender oil is used to promote sleep.


It is also good for the relationship: give each other a relaxing massage. For example, you can put some drops of chamomile on your fingertips and massage your partner. Place your fingers on both hands slightly apart at your partner’s shoulders or neck and make wide circular movements downwards with each hand. With upward movements you apply some pressure. To knead, place both hands at the neck and shoulders and apply pressure with one palm. Take a piece of the back between the thumb and fingers of that hand and press it towards your resting hand. Release and repeat with your other hand. Alternate the kneading and circular movements. After fifteen minutes, lie down and enjoy the massage.

Mixing oils

Choose oil with a soothing aroma. Always dilute an essential oil in its pure form with a regular type of oil, otherwise it can burn your skin. A common type of oil, for example, is almond oil. Tea tree and lavender are pure oils that do not burn the skin. The ideal ratio is five to six drops of essential oil to one tablespoon of regular oil.

Against different types of insomnia

The quality of the oil can also differ. Some contain less pure oil and have less effect. Check the label to see whether it states that it is pure essential oil and whether the Latin plant name is mentioned. Try to avoid oil with a watery composition and store the product in a cool and dark place. A number of important oils to promote sleep are mentioned.

Source: Devanath, Pixabay

oil This oil is most commonly used for sleep problems, because it reduces stress, anxiety and depression. You can use lavender oil in different ways. Put a few drops on a tissue or on your pillowcase and relax. It has a relaxing effect after a long and hard day.

Geranium oil

Long-term stress causes your adrenal glands to work overtime because they keep producing stress hormones. Geranium oil strengthens the adrenal glands and in combination with rosemary you get an optimal effect. You can put a few drops in the bath, but also in an oil burner when you are relaxing on the couch with your favorite music.

Chamomile oil

This oil calms the central nervous system and makes you sleepy. It can also contribute to the relief of stress and depression. For example, put a few drops in the bath.

Ylang ylang oil

This is an aphrodisiac (sex drive stimulant), but also a sedative. So if sex wasn’t relaxing enough for you to sleep, simply put a few drops of this oil in a diffuser.

Frankincense oil

If you want to get in the mood for sex, you should use this oil. For example, you can first take a bath together to which you add a few drops of sandalwood and a touch of jasmine oil to liven up your libido.

How long does it work?

The body absorbs one type of essential oil faster than another. It can vary from twenty minutes to several hours. It also depends on the type of oil and the body characteristics of the user. The average recording time is around one and a half hours. After a few hours the oil leaves the body again. To restore body systems, you must repeat the treatment regularly. If you have been ill or overstressed, the balance is disturbed to such an extent that it takes weeks before improvement occurs.

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