Finger in the door

A finger in the door, how can that happen? Unfortunately it can happen to anyone. You push a door closed and ‘forget’ to pull your hand away in time. And it is even more common in small children. Sometimes because they are inattentive themselves, sometimes because father or mother accidentally closes a door too quickly. A finger stuck in the door hurts enormously and the fingertip and/or nail often turns blue to black.

Finger in the door: ouch!

If the finger gets stuck in the door, it hurts a lot. Children can scream and when it happens to you, you curse the door and everything around it. Unfortunately, an accident happened quickly. The door may blow shut or be slammed shut by someone else while the finger has not yet been pulled away. In addition, your own coordination can sometimes fail you and you close the door with one hand while the other is still there, ready to get stuck. Ouch!

First aid: cooling

If the finger is stuck, open the door again as quickly as possible. It sounds simple, but small children in particular often don’t know what to do and start screaming. In addition, many people withdraw their fingers. A wrong way, the door must be opened. Then cool the finger under cold running water for five minutes. Do not use ice-cold water, there is a risk of frostbite. If there is a wound on the finger caused by being stuck, cool the finger using an ice pack or other frozen product. Place a tea towel around the product or ice bag to prevent immediate freezing.
If the wound is large, the doctor can take a closer look, especially if it concerns a small child. A small child is sometimes difficult to treat. Call the doctor or visit the emergency room (formerly first aid). This can determine whether treatment is necessary. The finger will be swollen, red and warm to the touch for a while. However, this disappears quite quickly.

When the fingertip is numb or missing

If the door is not opened but the finger is withdrawn, a nerve may be damaged. This causes the fingertip to become numb. It is difficult to say in advance whether the feeling will return. The feeling may return quickly, but it may also take 2 to 4 months before some feeling returns. In severe cases, the feeling never returns.
In the event of severe crushing, the tip of the finger can come off. Please note: the patient may faint. The finger should be held up, above the heart. This reduces bleeding. If necessary, the finger can be squeezed tightly on both sides to stop blood flow. If necessary, a string can be tied tightly around the finger. The wound should never be touched due to the risk of infection. The fingertip should be placed in a plastic bag and transported refrigerated. Place ice on the bag or, if necessary, frozen vegetables or meat from the freezer, as long as it is cold. Go immediately to the ER or hospital.

Blue or black nail

Bleeding under the nail may occur. This is extremely painful because there is a lot of pressure on the nail. In some cases, the nail is pushed out of the nail bed and falls off. Take it to a doctor. Using a sterile needle, he will make a hole in the nail so that the blood can drain. This reduces the pressure. In some cases the nail will fall off. If nothing is done to the nail, it will first turn red and later blue. The nail usually also turns black. The nail will cause a throbbing pain that will keep you awake at night. Many people start working with a nail out of desperation. Do not do this under any circumstances. With an infection you are even further away from home. Visit your doctor, who can install a drainage or make a hole in the nail. Sometimes the doctor decides to remove the nail from the nail bed when it is already loose. This can also take the pressure off. Over time, a new healthy nail will grow. However, the fingertip without a nail can be extremely sensitive. By wearing a thick plaster (or two) around the fingertip, the function of the nail is temporarily taken over.

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