Making babies sleep easier

Many young parents struggle with a lack of sleep. This is often caused by children who have difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep. Below I have listed some short but effective tips for you…

Provide fixed rituals

Just like with young children, a fixed structure before going to sleep is also very important for babies. It teaches them to have a better view of their day and to understand what is going to happen. Ex: the lights go out, that song is sung, it’s time to go to sleep.
There are many options to provide a fixed structure for going to sleep. For example, after the bath, you can give your child his last bottle or feeding, then take him upstairs, put him in his bed, lower the shutters and/or close the curtains, sing a song, turn off the light and gently go downstairs. go…
Try to find regularity in this structure so that your child ends up in his bed at around the same time every day.

Make as little eye contact as possible

It is better to put sleepy babies in their bed without making too much eye contact. If your baby notices you looking at him, he will do anything to stay awake. After all, he wants nothing more than to get attention from his mom and dad.

Be calm

Babies are very sensitive to atmosphere. The slightest nervousness can wake them up again. Stay calm and quiet when you put your baby to sleep. Take your time so you don’t feel stressed. Look at their tummy and, if necessary, sing a calm song softly.

To change diapers

Try to keep nightly changing to an absolute minimum. It goes without saying that a child who is taken out of his bed, undressed and changed will have more difficulty falling asleep again than if he had remained quietly in his bed. Use night diapers provided for this purpose and only replace them when really necessary (not every time you pee).

Lights off

It has been scientifically proven that sleeping with the light on stimulates the brain less to produce melatonin . This is one of the most important hormones that make you sleepy. If you leave a nightlight on at night, it will become increasingly difficult for your child to tell the difference between taking a nap during the day or sleeping through the night. Make it a habit from the start to put your baby to sleep in a dark room at night. This way he better realizes that it is evening and that he is now supposed to sleep through the night.
Also try to leave the lights off as much as possible at night when your child wakes up and take him out of his bed as little as possible.

Waking up at night

Parents who go to check on their child at the slightest beep they hear are contributing to their child’s difficult sleeping behavior. Before you rush to his bedroom, it is better to wait quietly, it often happens that your child resumes sleep on its own and then your intervention would only have disturbed.
Also, try not to wait until your child is so upset that he or she is crying hysterically. Once you reach that point, it becomes much more difficult for your child to calm down and fall asleep again.
So try to place your baby monitor at a distance and arrange it so that you do not hear every beep.

To stay

A good trick when your baby is going to stay somewhere is to bring your own T-shirt, which you slept in the night before, for example. Babies are very sensitive to smell and immediately recognize their own mother’s smell. This can calm them down when things get a little rough. Place the T-shirt next to his head in his bed.
Sleep well everyone !!

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