Essie nail polish; a real hype

Essie nail polishes have been around for more than 30 years and have been worn more and more in recent years. The nail polish is highly regarded because of its superior polish that lasts a long time and is also chip-resistant.


Most people immediately think of nail polish when they hear the word Essie. However, the founder and figurehead of this brand is also called Essie. In 1981, Essie Weingarten invested $10,000 in her first twelve nail polishes. She went especially to Las Vegas, where perfect nails are a must, to promote her nail polish. It soon became apparent that the Essie polishes were a hit. The orders kept rolling in and the nail polish became world famous. Celebrities from Britney Spears to Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston and Rihanna, have all been spotted with an Essie manicure.
What also makes Essie polishes so popular are their unusual , feminine, and sometimes even funny names. Some examples are Sugar Daddy, Ballet Slippers, Mademoiselle, Lacy not Racy, Bahama Mama, Naked Truth, Chocolate Kisses, Secret Story

100 must-haves

Essie selected a total of 100 absolute must-have colors for every woman. So there is certainly something for everyone. These perfect 100 colors are also supplemented every season with an exclusive collection of colors that are very popular at that moment. The seasonal collections almost always consist of six new colors that are temporarily available.

Spring 2013 collection

For the spring 2013 collection, Essie was inspired by the six most beautiful fashion cities in the world. She launched six spring-fresh colors with names reminiscent of holidays.

  • Avenue Maintain : A light blue color, inspired by Paris.
  • Hip-anema : Orange-red, inspired by Rio de Janeiro.
  • Maximillian strasse her : Grey-green, inspired by Munich.
  • Madison ave-hue : A Barbie pink color inspired by New York.
  • Bond with whomever : Lila, inspired by London.
  • Go ginza : Cherry blossom, inspired by Tokyo.


Latest new collection

The latest new collection from Essie is the Essie Resort collection. This contains four new polishes.

  • Come here : An almost neon, coral red color.
  • First timer : A fresh, light green color.
  • In the cab-ana : A fresh aqua blue color.
  • Under where? : A pastel purple color.


Fashion accessories

Nails are one of the best fashion accessories of the moment. So make sure your hands and nails are well cared for. And with a beautiful color on your nails you are completely in tune with fashion.

Price and points of sale

Essie nail polishes are available in the Netherlands and Belgium at Kruidvat, Etos and DA for a price starting from 9.99.

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