How can men live longer? Avoiding diseases

Boys are raised during childhood to be persistent and make something of it. It ensures that the man can make a good career and be successful. It is assumed that the man is the stronger sex, but practice shows that on average the man dies earlier than the woman. Why does a man die earlier and what can a man pay attention to to live longer?

Men live longer

  • Main causes of death
  • Delay seeking medical attention
  • Influence of testosterone and weight
  • The act and body satisfaction
  • Avoiding stress and anxiety
  • Diet and longer life
  • Provide protection
  • How do the children grow up?


Main causes of death

Most men die from an important group of diseases. Often it is cancer related or due to cardiovascular disease, causing heart attack, stroke or pulmonary embolism. It may also be due to breathing problems. An often forgotten group is suicide due to stress or depression. The majority of all deaths can therefore be attributed to these causes and this means that a solution must also be sought in this area.

Delay seeking medical attention

Be tough to go far. We don’t complain about small pains. Men are wired not to complain easily and to ignore complaints or to find a solution themselves. In addition, the fact that medical check-ups cost money is also a factor, because health insurance coverage is often insufficient. If there is something going on that may not bother the man, he will not go to the doctor or GP. Even minor interventions may be necessary to maintain good health for the long term. If you go for a medical examination, be honest about all the ailments, so that the doctor gets the complete picture.

Influence of testosterone and weight

Until the age of thirty, the male body is in top shape, because everything is designed to be attractive to women and to reproduce optimally. After that age, testosterone levels decrease by one percent per year, causing relatively less muscle mass and sperm production. The chance therefore increases that a man will gain weight after thirty years, with an increase in the substance aromatase. This substance ensures that testosterone is broken down and converted into estrogen. The result is that fat is stored more quickly. In that case, it is necessary to consciously train the body so that muscles are grown. The weight is also important to prevent the influence of aromatase. A weight of approximately 10 kg under the height above one meter is a healthy starting point. If you are 1.75 m, you should weigh approximately 65 kg.

The act and body satisfaction

Optimism is very important in life. If you make sure that you enjoy nice comments, compliments, good food, etc. every day, you will end up in a positive atmosphere. Having sexual intercourse and regular training also ensures that your body produces satisfaction substances. Think of serotonin, which gives you a positive mood. Stimulating the level of satisfaction by exercising and also consuming slow-burning carbohydrates gives the body sufficient opportunity to produce that substance in the brain. By consciously radiating positivism and working on it, you stay positive.

Avoiding stress and anxiety

To prevent depression you need to prevent anxiety and stress. Your work often puts you in a certain stressful situation, which means you have a lot of adrenaline. It uses up a lot of serotonin, which means your required satisfaction level is not achieved. If you are overworked, it can lead to burnout in varying degrees. It puts you in a downward spiral, which can quickly worsen the situation. It can mean a total disinterest in the environment, reduced body maintenance and care, excesses in life and potentially suicide. By avoiding stress and overcoming your fears, your body retains relatively more positive substances to avoid a negative spiral.

Diet and longer life

Being overweight and fat are direct causes of cardiovascular disease. By eating consciously and consuming healthy food you can lose weight and reduce the risk of diseases. Because it causes several diseases, the chance of living longer also increases significantly by losing weight. The blood composition is better and relatively thinner, the tendency to clot is no longer there, there is less or no arteriosclerosis and there is a favorable weight. Many aspects that have a beneficial effect on health and life expectancy. Avoid smoking and moderate alcohol intake.

Provide protection

An important element for good health is protection. On the one hand, you must wear a condom during varying sexual intercourse and, on the other hand, you must ensure that all vaccinations are up to date. If you go abroad, you must take certain precautions. Inquire with the local GGD service about your vaccinations. To this end, always have your additional vaccinations registered in the yellow passport.

How do the children grow up?

Parents also have an important role to play. It often happens that children decide what food to eat and that is usually unhealthy food. Impose a conscious feeding schedule, in which the child eats tasty but healthy food. An occasional treat is allowed, but it should not take over. This way you prevent the child from making a wrong start and being overweight. Start with healthy meals immediately when raising children, so that the child learns to enjoy healthy food.

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