Laughter is healthy, always!

Strictly speaking, the title is nothing new and although we know it is good for us and it is free and for nothing, we do not always use it. Where does this come from, what is missing to make you laugh? These are all questions we are increasingly asking ourselves. Are we becoming an unhappier people, is there nothing to laugh about anymore or what is going on?

Everyone can laugh

Definition of laughter

Wikipedia says this about it: Laughter is a human response to humor, or an expression of happiness, relief or tension. It is manifested in a movement of the mouth or the emission of certain sounds. There are different forms of laughter.

What does laughing do to us?

Laughter is something that is part of human behavior. In the brain, the limbic system regulates this. It can arise from a joke or something else ridiculous, but can also be a physical reaction to those stimuli. We now know from many studies that laughter is good for people. It can be more or less therapeutic and even yoga has special laughter yoga. Laughing just a few minutes a day already has an effect! Always good, but especially if you are recovering.

Result of laughter

All the more reason to try to keep smiling, even when things are not going well for whatever reason. To be honest, that doesn’t go well for everyone. Various studies have shown that where several people undergo virtually the same thing, people who laugh recover faster than people who do not. Moreover, it helps the elderly when it comes to maintaining memory.
What can be said to be striking is that these studies show that people often do not even consciously laugh , but by activating certain muscle groups it still has an effect on the brain.
Another aspect that is very emphatically present is the fact that seeing makes you laugh. When you see someone laugh, you almost naturally start laughing too. While you actually don’t know why that person is laughing. So it can have a double effect, because you also involuntarily do something positive for the other person.

Source: Jill111, Pixabay

To work…

It has been known for some time that it is good for health and is supported by more and more research. This also means that other people see money in it again and start organizing laughter sessions as part of, for example, recovering after an illness or loss. These sessions often cost a lot of money and are rarely or never (until now) reimbursed by insurance.
But why not call some people together within your family/friends/acquaintances and have a laugh session? Who more than the people who support you want you to get back on track? This will of course be followed up. Although it may look a bit strange at first, with a few appointments you can set up a session yourself. What to pay attention to:

  • Try to go into a session as relaxed as possible.
  • Agree that there will be either one person who initiates each session or you will alternate and take turns as the initiator (so no fuss about who does what in between).
  • Always take the principle that you will seriously cooperate in this and will not act foolishly or drop out in between (no matter how difficult it may be).
  • You force yourself to start laughing and still make that start (because we know it will happen naturally afterwards).
  • You sit so that you can see each other, for example in a circle (not only the sound is important, but seeing each other helps).

If getting started is difficult, put on a funny video. Agree on what everyone likes and try to make a start with that. You can of course always do this if you cannot or do not want to form a group. Just set up something you really like. Chances are, no matter how bad you feel, you’ll still laugh.


Everyone can laugh and it’s good for everyone, so it shouldn’t actually be a choice to laugh, you should just do it!

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