Reasons for smoking or not smoking

Smoking is the inhalation of the smoke emitted by smoldering tobacco. There are also other stimulants and drugs that can be smoked, but smoking often means smoking tobacco. Smoking is harmful to health. The smoking addiction that occurs is caused by the substance nicotine. The ‘craving’ for a cigarette is actually a signal from the brain that the body needs nicotine.

The 10 most common reasons to keep smoking

Most smokers who smoke once have no intention of quitting. Or they are unable to stop and have resigned themselves to it. These smokers often come up with reasons to ‘tone down’ their smoking habit. Reasons that make smoking seem less bad or harmful than it actually is.
This also includes people who are okay with smoking and see no improvement in quitting smoking. Once you do it yourself, you often find it less bad than it actually is.

  1. My aunt smoked 3 packs a day and lived to be 90.
  2. It has not been proven that smoking is bad for you.
  3. You’re going to die someday anyway.
  4. Smoking has made me more social.
  5. There is so much bad, so what difference does smoking make?
  6. Everyone is addicted to something.
  7. My neighbor got lung cancer without ever smoking in his life.
  8. Smoking helps me reduce stress.
  9. I don’t smoke that much at all.
  10. If smoking was really that bad, the government would have banned it.


The top 10 most common reasons to quit smoking

Many studies claim that smoking is bad for you. Moreover, on every pack of cigarettes you will find a discouragement to smoke. Information is provided about what smoking does to your lungs, how harmful it is to your health and your shortened lifespan. Advertising to start smoking is prohibited. People have to pay relatively more for a cigarette due to rising excise duties. In 2011, a total of approximately 19,000 people died as a result of a smoking-related condition. Over the age of 20, smoking is largely responsible for lung cancer deaths.

  1. Smoking is deadly.
  2. Smokers die younger.
  3. Smoking causes blockage of blood vessels, heart attacks and strokes.
  4. Smoking during pregnancy is unhealthy for your baby.
  5. Smoking reduces fertility.
  6. Smoking can reduce circulation and cause impotence.
  7. Smoking causes the skin to age and makes the skin gray and pale.
  8. Smoking can lead to a slow, painful death.
  9. Smoking causes fatal lung cancer.
  10. Quitting smoking reduces the risk of fatal heart and lung diseases.


10 most common reasons to start smoking

Of course, there are also people who see an advantage in smoking and continue to smoke quietly, or even start smoking. This is because those certain groups see their benefits in smoking.

  1. Smoking makes you more social; Now you belong to that group of smokers.
  2. Smoking reduces your feeling of hunger, so you are less likely to become very fat.
  3. You want to fit in, smoking is cool.
  4. A good example is often followed; parents who smoke in front of their children are more likely to have children who smoke later in life.
  5. Smoking is good for our treasury, due to the amount of excise duty.
  6. Smoking after sex seems to be nice.
  7. I pay double for my health insurance, so I may get some of that back from time to time.
  8. Everyone used to smoke too.
  9. I decide for myself what I will and will not do.
  10. It is good for the aging population to smoke more to die earlier.

What do you think about smoking? What are your reasons for smoking or not smoking and what is your view on it?

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