Medicinal plants index: A to Z

Herbs are the basis for medicines. This means that you can also use herbs instead of medicines. In many cases, herbs even work better than medications. The reason medications are used instead of herbs is financial; A medicine can be patented and herbs cannot. The general public has been made to believe that herbs are not effective and medicines are; This incorrect image is promoted by pharmaceutical companies, partly because universities proclaim this incorrect thinking as official truth. That does not mean that medical science is useless; it is important to recognize that medicine is a developmental process, a process. NB! This article is written from the personal view of the author and may contain information that is not scientifically substantiated and/or in line with the general view.

Scientifically researched medicinal plants

The medicinal plants in this index have medicinal properties that are based on scientific research. Scientific sources and books based on science have been used, such as the Large Handbook of Medicinal Plants by Geert Verhelst. That book is used as a standard work in phytotherapy, modern herbal medicine based on science. Other scientific sites and research are listed under the sources. Because each index page was created with the help of dozens to hundreds of sources, it was decided not to mention them all separately. There are more sources on the sites of the medicinal plants themselves.

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Medicinal plants index: A

It is clear to scientists that medicinal plants are a very valuable addition to regular medicines and that natural medicines can prevent diseases. That is why it is good to have an alphabetical overview of all medicinal plants and their effects. Read here briefly what a medicine can do and click on the link for more information; an extensive article about that medicinal plant.


Potato is good for rheumatism and weight loss. Potatoes contain few calories and potato juice helps against rheumatism. In addition, the boiled potato is very healthy and helps keep all body processes in good condition. Because potatoes contain many minerals, you should eat them daily in case of anemia. Potatoes are one of the staple foods of the Dutch. Try to buy potatoes only organic and don’t reduce yourself to eating mashed potatoes from a bag; just make it yourself by mashing potatoes and mixing with milk or water.


The Strawberry helps to keep the blood vessels clean; it prevents arteriosclerosis. It stimulates the enzyme superoxide dismutase which eliminates free radicals. This is because this enzyme is stimulated to multiply by the mineral manganese. Strawberries are in the top 3 fruits when it comes to manganese content.

Strawberry powder

Strawberry powder provides a concentration of nutrients. It is good for the liver. It improves the lipid profile in the blood. This also makes it a remedy for heart problems. Strawberry powder provides such concentrated nutrients that it has a truly medicinal effect. For 50 grams of strawberry powder you have to eat half a kilo of strawberries to get the same nutrients. The disadvantage is that strawberry powder can be quite expensive.

Jerusalem artichoke

The Jerusalem artichoke has various medicinal applications. It ensures that blood sugar levels do not fluctuate too much, so it can be used in diabetes patients or people with insulin resistance. Cooked Jerusalem artichokes taste sweet so it can be used as a super healthy sugar substitute in pies and cakes; that is good news for diabetics and obese people. Furthermore, it is a digestive aid and the Jerusalem artichoke works as a natural diuretic. Because the intestinal flora is improved, it is a product that is suitable after taking a course of medication. In addition, Jerusalem artichoke reduces the PH value in the intestines and contains many minerals; This makes it better than milk against osteoporosis.

ABC herb

ABC herb is good for fungi, malaria, Lyme disease, urinary tract infections and prevention and control of throat, nose and ear infections. It combats fungal infections such as candida, but it can also combat reduced immunity. It is effective for metabolic problems such as flatulence, parasites, indigestion and nausea. This plant can be used as a mouthwash for bad breath, oral blisters and gingivitis.

Apricot kernel oil

Apricot kernel oil is a good oil for skin, lips and hair. But you don’t just have to use this oil externally. You can use it internally against cancer, research shows. But you shouldn’t take too much of it.

Apricot kernels

Apricot kernels are a bit of a suspect because they are said to contain too much cyanide. It is still not entirely certain whether that is correct. Proponents say that eating three apricot kernels a day is enough to prevent cancer. There is never too much cyanide in three kernels. You can always safely try this if you have been told that you have been diagnosed with cancer.

  • Acacia catechu is mainly used for oral mucosal inflammation, bad mouth odor and diarrhea.
  • Acai berries contain many anthocyanides and are used to inhibit inflammation at the cellular level.
  • Acai powder can prevent cancer, diabetes and arteriosclerosis. It is a powerful supplement.


Absinthe wormwood

Absinthe wormwood is a bitter herb that can only be drunk by diehards. It rids the intestines of pathogenic bacteria and parasites. It kills tapeworm. By the way, it is not a harmless herb and you can only use it for a week at a time. Absinthe wormwood also works well for flatulence. It stimulates the appetite so that it can be used for anorexia. It aids digestion as many bitter herbs do. In addition, absinthe induces menstruation.


Acerola is a sour but very healthy cherry. 100 grams contains more than 1800% of the RDA of vitamin C. That is why it can be used in case of a weakened immune system, for example after a hospital admission or medication treatment. It is used for: cancer, diabetes mellitus, laryngitis and pimples. The latter is done by treating a pimple with acerola puree.


Alfalfa is typically one of those remedies that most people don’t know has a wide range of medicinal properties. From bleeding gums to memory weakness; many types of diseases can be treated with it. it is good for both the brain and the physical condition. Rheumatism, menopausal complaints and cardiovascular diseases can also be treated with it, simply by eating it daily.

Aloe vera

Aloe vera is an excellent edible plant with medicinal properties for the intestines. It works against diabetes mellitus because it lowers blood sugar levels. Furthermore, it stimulates the appetite, which makes it a remedy for anorexia. There is not enough space in one paragraph to list all the medicinal uses of this plant.


You can go in any direction with Almonds. Whether you want to lose weight, prevent cancer, heart disease and diabetes; the almond does it for you. The almond is one of the very healthy nuts and also tastes very tasty. You don’t often think about the fact that something so delicious contains many antioxidants that make your entire immune system stronger.

American skullcap

American skullcap is good for the liver, the nervous system, the cerebral blood vessels and against cancer. It is mainly used for psychological complaints such as depression. It is also a good remedy for all kinds of cramps such as menstrual cramps or intestinal cramps. Because it is good for the cerebral blood vessels, it is a commonly used remedy after a CVA or stroke.

American snowball

American snowball is the remedy for menstrual problems and pregnancy problems. it also works against pregnancy vomiting. It can even prevent miscarriage or unwanted abortion. It regulates menstruation and relieves cramps. The plant also works well for intestinal and muscle cramps and is used for palpitations.

American witch hazel

American witch hazel is good for the blood. All kinds of blood disorders such as hemorrhoids, low blood pressure, excessive menstrual blood loss, blood in the urine, rosacea and varicose veins can be treated with it. Furthermore, it is an anti-inflammatory agent. It can cure gingivitis, oral mucosal inflammation and tonsillitis. This plant has more external than internal medicinal applications.


Pineapple helps with thyroid enlargement, dyspepsia, bronchitis, mucosal inflammation, high blood pressure, tapeworm, gout, diphtheria, cataracts and constipation. This is a diverse range of conditions. There are many fibres, vitamins and minerals in a pineapple. It is a delicious tropical, juicy fruit.


Endive is a medicinal vegetable that you could eat extra if you suffer from one of the following diseases: candida, asthma, arthritis, constipation, diabetes, gout, high blood pressure, hypoglycemia, liver enlargement, obesity, rheumatism, acne, eczema and jaundice. There are quite a lot of vitamins in this vegetable. Moreover, eating endive is almost always accompanied by potato, which is also very healthy.


Anise is a herb that is mainly used for women’s ailments. Examples include: low breast milk production, menstrual cramps, absence of menstruation, menopausal complaints, night sweats during menopause, vaginal dryness and reduced libido. Essential anise oil helps externally with scabies, dust mites and lice.


The apple is primarily a fruit that prevents diseases. It protects the bones and prevents Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and perhaps even cancer. Apple peel tea is said to work against stuttering. Eating apples strengthens memory. In addition, this fruit is good for diabetics. The acids in apples promote fat burning; that is why the apple is good for maintaining weight.


Artichokes lower blood sugar levels; therefore, this vegetable is recommended for people with diabetes mellitus or insulin resistance. In addition, the artichoke is an aphrodisiac. That could be a reason for many people not to leave it at the greengrocer. Pregnant women, or women who want to become pregnant, benefit greatly from artichoke because it contains folic acid.


Ashwaganda is a very multifunctional medicinal plant. It is used, among other things, for fatigue, stress, depression, premature aging symptoms and as a preventive measure against Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Ashwaganda can also solve libido problems and erectile dysfunction. In addition, it is a plant that supports the immune system. His healing power is too great to describe in one paragraph.


Asparagus is an excellent vegetable to prevent diabetes or prevent it from getting worse. Some researchers indicate that it even helps prevent cancer. Artichokes contain many phytonutrients with high antioxidant values; that is good for the whole body. The asparagus increases resistance and vitality due to the extensive mineral and vitamin value of this green.


The eggplant does not really have a specific disease that it works against. It contains many polyphenols with general health-promoting properties. the polyphenols in eggplant fight viruses and bacteria and are also an antimutagen; a cancer-preventing substance. If you have a surplus of iron, eating eggplant is very good; it solves this surplus.

Medicinal plants index: B

Medicines are the extension of herbs. All medicines are based on natural, plant-based substances. Sometimes a natural substance is synthesized, and sometimes a substance is abstracted from a herb. Herbs themselves contain dozens of substances. If one substance is extracted and put into a pill, science can measure exactly what effect that one substance has on people. A herb cannot be properly scientifically researched because it is not known which of the dozens of substances in a plant are responsible for its medicinal effect. This shambles of science has given many people the mistaken idea that herbs cannot be good as medicine and that only synthesized substances can provide healing.


The resilient Bamboo can keep our back flexible. Bamboo strengthens the cartilage so that joints can perform their function. It is used for back wear, rheumatic conditions, weak ligaments, brittle bones, ankylosing spondylitis, brittle hair, brittle nails, repair of broken bones and slow healing wounds.


In the medical world, diabetes mellitus is depicted as incurable, but in third world countries there has been a medicine against it for centuries called Banaba. This is used, among other things, by herbal therapists for impaired glucose tolerance, insulin resistance, increased blood sugar levels, prevention of type 2 diabetes, type 1 diabetes and to prevent obesity in people with diabetes.


Basil is very healthy; it contains anti-inflammatory polyphenols. It is used, among other things, for nausea. You can rub the leaf on a wart every day to make it go away faster. The anti-inflammatory effect also helps with rheumatic diseases. Furthermore, it is a nice leaf that makes the mouth odor pleasant.


Borage or cucumber herb is a medicinal herb that is used for a wide range of

Berk / Source: Maplan, Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA-3.0)

diseases. Autoimmune diseases, skin diseases, cardiovascular diseases, psychological disorders and all kinds of women’s ailments can be tackled with it.


The Birch is known for its purifying birch sap or water. This tree cures a large number of conditions: edema, lymphedema, edema around ankles, edema due to varicose veins, renal pelvis infection, urethral inflammation, gout, high uric acid levels, osteoarthritis, arthritis, sciatica, spring treatments, cleansing treatments, swollen and inflamed lymph nodes and life insufficiency.


There are various types of berries, but they all have the property of containing many antioxidants. This means they can combat multiple diseases. A quote from the article about berries: ‘ Free radicals are substances that cause cell damage and DNA damage, which can cause various diseases such as cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Berries help preventively against all these diseases and there is no harm in eating them if you already have one of these diseases,… ยด

Brewer’s yeast tablet / Source: LordToran, Wikimedia Commons (CC0)

Brewer’s yeast

Brewer’s yeast is an important addition to our diet. When you are ill, this supplement is extra important. It is recommended during the growth period, pregnancy, mineral deficiencies, vitamin B deficiency,
anorexia, weak digestion, constipation, liver cirrhosis and fat reduction. There are more diseases for which brewer’s yeast can provide support from medicines or medicinal plants.


Chives are a plant that you could eat extra for their antioxidants that fight cardiovascular disease and various types of cancer. Of course it is not a medicine but it helps prevent these diseases. Because chemotherapy or radiation treatment does not guarantee a cure, it is good to eat foods that fight cancer and help the body strengthen itself, for example through a diet during chemotherapy.


Beets are not only tasty but also good for the blood and work against high blood pressure. Furthermore, it is a good vegetable to prevent cancer development. In addition, beets help remove toxins from the body faster. Because of all this work, beets in Russia are considered a food that can make you live to 100.


Mugwort is a strong medicinal herb. It helps with constipation and diarrhea. Mugwort can also cure malaria. You can put it in your sock and walk on it when you have to travel long distances; your feet will be less likely to get tired or hurt. Hence the name; it is done by the feet.


Birambi or blimbing is a vinegary berry that has medicinal properties. It is used for diarrhea, high blood pressure, arthritis and some skin diseases. You can use the berry as an ointment for cracked skin, itchy rashes and swellings. A more important effect is its blood sugar lowering effect, which makes it useful for diabetes and insulin resistance. It is a fruit that supports liver function.

Bitter orange apple tree

This tree produces free inedible citrus fruits. The Bitter Orange Apple Tree does have medicinal properties. It is used for digestive problems, obesity and to achieve a good balance between muscle mass and fat tissue.


Bladderwrack is a healthy sea vegetable that helps with obesity, astritis or inflammation of the stomach wall, excessive stomach acid, inflammation of the esophagus due to rising stomach acid, excess heavy metals, colitis, constipation, arteriosclerosis, anemia, fatigue, spring exhaustion, recovery after illness, muscle weakness, weak nails , hair loss, growth retardation, leg cramps and leg fractures.

Bilberry / Source: Katarzyna Matylla, Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-2.5)


Bilberry works especially well for intestinal diseases such as diarrhea, chronic fermentation dyspepsia, fermentation symptoms in the intestine, bad-smelling stools, infant dyspepsia, intestinal poisoning due to toxins, gastric mucosal inflammation and intestinal mucosal inflammation. It is also a remedy for retinal disorders such as poor vision, myopia, tired eyes, night blindness, reduced adaptation in the dark/bright light transition, tired, watery eyes, and disorders in the blood circulation of the eye. In addition, it stimulates blood flow, which makes it a remedy for: weak connective tissue, collagen diseases or scleroderma, recovery after surgery, major body trauma due to, for example, collision, swelling of tissues after surgery, spontaneous bleeding, loose teeth, bleeding gums, prevention of gastrointestinal ulcers and cellulite.

Bilberry leaf

Bilberry leaf is good for the urinary tract. It is used, among other things, for: bladder infection, kidney infection, edema, increased uric acid levels and kidney stones. Furthermore, it brings peace to the digestive organs and a tea made from bilberry leaves helps with: vomiting, diarrhea, gastrointestinal mucosal inflammation, stomach and intestinal cramps. It is used as a gargle for: oral mucosal inflammation, canker sores, gingivitis, laryngeal inflammation with possible hoarseness and laryngitis.


Celery is a diuretic. It can be used if you suffer from fluid retention. Furthermore, it lowers blood pressure. If you suffer from this, you would do well to eat celery regularly; the ancient Chinese already knew this. The coumarins in celery have proven to have an anti-cancer effect. In short, celery is a good preventative against cancer.


Cauliflower contains a lot of fiber that is good for intestinal function. In addition, cauliflower contains many antioxidants. It even contains a substance that cures arteriosclerosis. People with cardiovascular disease are therefore advised to eat cauliflower at regular intervals.


Buckwheat has properties that regulate blood sugar levels. It contains a kind of natural insulin. This makes buckwheat the remedy for people with insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes. The progression of the disease can be halted or even reversed.


Kale is not a medicinal vegetable crop, but it is so healthy that it prevents lifestyle diseases such as cancer, diabetes mellitus and cardiovascular disease. It is bursting with antioxidants. For this reason, dieting during chemotherapy can be beneficial. Even after the treatment is over, you should not lose sight of kale. All types of cabbage are very healthy and kale takes the cake.


Boldo is a typical natural medicine. It is a real digestive stimulant. It is used for bile and liver disorders such as inadequate bile production, bile duct dyskenesia, biliary colic, prevention against gallstones, bile duct inflammation, poor fat digestion, liver inflammation and jaundice. It is also a remedy for indigestion, acid reflux and flatulence.

Butter beans

According to a 25-year study, the risk of cardiovascular disease is much smaller after eating fiber-rich legumes such as butter beans or lima beans. This is mainly because this legume fights arteriosclerosis. In addition, they contain many minerals, which means that eating butter beans regularly helps with an increased risk of anemia, for example due to medication. Fortunately, the butter bean is also very tasty.


Blackberries are very healthy for everyone, but diabetes patients in particular can benefit from them. A quote from the article reads: ‘ There are many anthocyanins in blackberries. These phytonutrients are known for their effectiveness in combating diabetes. After consuming food containing anthocyanins, higher insulin levels are produced in the cells.’ In addition, blackberries contain a substance that is called ‘natural chemotherapy’. The blackberry helps to prevent cancer.


Nettle is an extremely healthy wild vegetable. It is used for gout, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. In addition, it contains many minerals, which helps with: anemia, mineral deficiencies, weakness, age-related weakness, leg cramps, spring fatigue or during recovery from a long-term illness. Nettle is also used for jaundice, urinary problems and digestive diseases

Broccoli / Source: Rasbak, Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA-3.0)


Broccoli contains so many antioxidants that it has proven to have an anti-cancer effect. Substances in broccoli help keep the skin healthy. Moreover, it is an ideal vegetable to use when you are detoxing or taking a treatment against spring fatigue. Broccoli is one of the healthiest vegetables and is included in the arsenal of medicinal plants in phytotherapy.

Brown bread

Brown bread obviously means organic brown bread . Everyone should know that brown bread from the supermarket is actually colored white bread. It is colored brown to give it an aura of health. Brown bread is good for digestion and prevents diabetes. The cause of diabetes is: eating too much supermarket bread and other white flour products such as pasta, rice and sugar.

Kidney beans

Kidney beans are the Netherlands’ healthiest food; but of course you shouldn’t buy it out of a can. Just soak and cook real dried legumes; that’s healthy. The kidney bean helps prevent constipation, diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular disease, obesity and iron deficiency anemia. If you are obese or have an iron deficiency, you can often eat brown beans as a measure.

Medicinal plants index: C

Herbs have long had the image of being alternative. That is imagining the world upside down. Herbs and botanicals have proven their medicinal properties for millennia. As an alternative to these excellent natural medicines, the pharmaceutical industry has developed synthetic medicines. In fact, regular medicines are a poorly functioning substitute for well-functioning natural remedies. Why do regular medicines work poorly? Because they have numerous side effects and over time they appear to have more and more side effects. Medical science has made little progress on this point. Taking plants often works just as well and also has little or no medication. More and more people are starting to realize that synthesized alternatives are not a benefit for the patient.


Taking Calaguala provides protection against unwanted effects of sun rays such as: sunburn, sun allergy, hives caused by the sun, skin aging and skin cancer caused by the sun. In addition, it offers protection against radiation damage from sources other than the sun. Furthermore, it has advantages for someone who performs heavy intellectual tasks or suffers from a brain problem. It is good for, among other things: treating mild forms of Alzheimer’s disease, mild forms of senility, dementia and to improve cognitive performance or thinking ability.

Calendula / Source: H. Zell, Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA-3.0)


Calendula is a widely used medicinal herb for wounds and skin conditions. It is used, among other things, for: superficial injuries, abrasions, cuts, poorly healing wounds, festering wounds, bleeding wounds, bedsores, varicose ulcers, insect bites, sunburn, minor burns, cracks, cracked nipples, cracked anus, eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis and itching. Calendula or marigold gargles are used for: oral mucosal inflammation, canker sores, thrush, gingivitis, laryngitis, sore throat and tonsillitis. Foot problems that can be solved with this medicinal herb are: athlete’s foot, athlete’s foot, athlete’s foot, skin fungus, warts, corns and excessive calluses.

Canadian turmeric

Canadian turmeric is prescribed for the following indications: inflamed mucous membranes, ear infection, bronchitis, throat infection, tonsillitis, bladder infection, renal pelvis infection, vaginal infection, candida syndrome, traveler’s diarrhea due to E.coli, and other types of diarrhea, cholera, enteritis, colitis, anorexia, gallbladder diseases, liver damage by alcohol, constipation due to liver disease. excessive menstruation, menopausal bleeding, minor uterine bleeding, bleeding after birth, hemorrhoids, anal fissures, varicose veins, open leg, lymphedema, eczema, allergic rash, itching, measles, chicken pox, wounds, external ulcers , open leg, gingivitis, bleeding gums, oral mucosal inflammation, mouth ulcers, sore throat, rhinitis, ototis media, conjunctivitis, white loss, vaginal infections such as candida and trichomonas, hemorrhoids and mastitis.


Cantaloupe is good against dehydration on a sunny day. In addition, this fruit can ensure that weight loss is safe due to the high number of antioxidants. Body fat contains encapsulated toxins that are released by dieting or eating healthy. By eating cantaloupe while losing weight, you will not experience any adverse effects from a diet.

Cashew nuts / Source: Abhishek Jacob, Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA-3.0)

Cashew nuts

Cashews cause weight loss, although some people may not believe it. In addition, the cashew nut is particularly effective in preventing many diseases, such as gallstone problems, cardiovascular diseases, anemia, calcified arteries, rheumatism, brain disorders, heart rhythm disorders and greater susceptibility to infectious diseases, for example by taking synthetic medicines.


Fever, diarrhea and worms are combated by eating cassava. In addition, cassava can help prevent rheumatism and cardiovascular disease. It has been established that eating cassava leads to the resolution of arteriosclerosis problems. For some, this is striking news because it is often wrongly claimed that cassava does not contain many nutrients.


Mushrooms excel in preventive medicine. Due to the high number of antioxidants, they are used for high blood pressure, heart attack and cerebral infarction, also called stroke. The mushroom is a good food to recover after an illness. It is very good for the immune system and is therefore suitable for a diet for people who have followed a course of synthetic medicines. The mushroom is a real anti-inflammatory and can nip diseases in the bud. Anyone who often eats mushrooms also has a lower risk of developing diabetes or diabetes mellitus.

Chinese angelica

Chinese angelica is recommended for: menopausal complaints, premature menopause, irregular menstrual cycle, PMS, painful menstruation, as a contraction promoter during childbirth, recovery agent after childbirth, candida vaginitis, recovery of the menstrual cycle after stopping pill use, reduced libido, uterine polyps, ovarian cysts, endometrios, In addition, it is a proven remedy in the following cases: gastrointestinal cramps, abdominal pain, angina, bronchitis, allergies, psoriasis and asthma, fatigue, lethargy and lack of energy, constipation and nervousness.


Chayote seems to be an ordinary, nutritious vegetable that is rarely available in the Netherlands. This relative of the cucumber and pumpkin has medicinal properties for gout. It is also a blood pressure lowering vegetable. It also helps with infections and lowers cholesterol levels. In some countries it is a folk medicine for hemorrhoids.

Chinese cabbage

Chinese cabbage contains many vitamins. Like other types of cabbage, it has a preventive effect against lifestyle diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, obesity and diabetes mellitus. Chinese cabbage works specifically for gastritis and heartburn.


Chicory is prescribed by herbalists for liver diseases including jaundice, gout and kidney diseases. Because chicory stimulates the liver and kidneys, it works well against diseases related to an abundance of waste products that cannot be processed by the kidneys and liver. This includes gout and skin diseases such as eczema.


Chlorella is a freshwater algae that is prescribed for: anemia after medication use, fatigue, lack of energy, recovery after illness, recovery after exertion, stress, increased workload, depression, malnutrition, protein deficiency. This algae is also a frequently used agent for detoxification and is recommended, for example, for: heavy metal and hydrocarbon loading, protection against food additives and environmental pollution, protects the kidneys against chemotherapy, neutralizes acidification of the body due to excessive animal food consumption, and is a preventative for anorexia and heartburn.


Chrysanthellum is a remedy that is prescribed by herbal therapists for: liver cirrhosis, overload of the liver due to alcohol consumption, constipation due to poorly functioning liver, liver insufficiency, dyspepsia, poor fat metabolism by the liver, poor digestion of fats by the liver, too high truglyceride content and treatment of jaundice. It also works well for the bile and kidneys; including: bile disorders, lithasis or bile and kidney stones, salivary gland stones. In addition, it is a tonic for the blood and is used for: varicose veins, heavy tired legs, night cramps, open leg, hemorrhoids, artery inflammation in the legs, peripheral circulatory disorders, blue discoloration of limbs, Raynaud’s disease, weak capillaries, bruising, couperosis, glaucoma, poorer vision due to reduced blood circulation and arteriosclerosis.

Lemon / Source: Hans Hillewaert, Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA-3.0)


The medicinal properties of the Lemon are: good for the heart due to the potassium it contains. rheumatism, because substances that cause rheumatism are broken down more quickly and kidney and bladder problems. It prevents kidney stones like all citrus fruits, helps cure hepatitis faster, fights internal worms such as tapeworm. It is good for obesity because the fibers keep you feeling full for a long time and because fat is burned faster. It helps oxygen absorption in the blood at high altitudes.

Lemon yellow honey clover

Lemon yellow honey clover is used for: hemorrhoids, vein inflammation, arteriosclerosis, post-thrombotic syndrome, brittle capillaries, lymphedema, feeling of heaviness, tired feeling in the legs, tense legs, nocturnal calf cramps due to venous congestion, edema in the lower legs and ankles, restless legs, tingling, pigment spots and white-pale spots due to lack of oxygen, thin skin with poorly healing wounds, leg ulcers or open legs, varicose ulcers, frostbite wounds, gastrointestinal cramps, insomnia, nervousness, melancholy, tension headaches and nerve pain.

Lemon balm

Lemon balm is good for all kinds of things that have to do with the head and heart: tension, nervousness, stress, irritability, insomnia due to stress, insomnia due to nervousness, ADHD, restlessness in children, melanchol

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