The origins of clairvoyance

Clairvoyance is a subject that people don’t really hear much about because many clairvoyant observations cannot be explained. That is also the reason why several people are concerned with clairvoyance. But how did clairvoyance actually originate? Read more about it here.

Roman Goddess Fortune

The belief in being able to see into the future is as old as man himself. Fortuna, a Roman Goddess, was the personification of both luck and fate. She was therefore often depicted on Roman coins. Man has always been fascinated by what tomorrow will bring and for centuries people have been asking questions about the future. Everyone hopes to be lucky, regardless of religion or belief. The entire population therefore had respect for Goddess Fortuna, from whom clairvoyance originated. Many methods that Fortuna used, for example tarot cards, were brought to the West and popularized by gypsies. Man has always intuitively known what was a good sign and what was not. This intuitive conscience or clairvoyant talent disappeared from view when the age of science dawned.

Science and clairvoyance; it started with the Fox family

Science only really started to deal with clairvoyance in 1848, when strange noises and other strange phenomena repeatedly occurred in the United States in the house of a certain John Fox. The Fox family lived in the village of Hydesville. Father, mother and two daughters; Margaret and Kate. They were poor, yet lived quietly and contentedly. Suddenly, in March of that year, overnight their small, quiet house turned into a real haunted house. For example, there were knocks on the doors, but no one was there when they opened the door. The windows opened and closed by themselves and the lights turned on and off by themselves. Sometimes it was so bad that the family could no longer sleep at night because of the noise. Kate, who was twelve years old at the time, came up with the idea of asking the mysterious knocking thing how old it was. The mysterious knocking thing responded by making twelve knocks. From that moment on, the whole family asked the knocking thing all kinds of things, but it only answered questions from the sisters. They communicated as follows: someone listed the entire alphabet and the ghost knocked when they arrived at a certain letter of the alphabet. The Fox family discovered that the ghost was the ghost of a boy murdered in their basement. It wasn’t long before the entire village came to see the miraculous phenomenon in the house. Everyone wanted to know what happened to deceased relatives. After a while the father realized that there was a lot of money to be made with the spirit and he started traveling around the world with his family. The Fox sisters had caused a real stir not only in America, but also in Europe. Since then, several people have been working on predicting the future and clairvoyance is seen as a new kind of religion. Scientific research into clairvoyance has made great strides since then.

Well-known psychics

One of the most famous clairvoyants is Nostradamus. Almost all of his predictions came true, making him a true legend. Two other well-known clairvoyants are Daniel Douglas Home and Arigo. They, just like Nostradumus, ensured that clairvoyance became better known.

Science since the 19th century

Since the 19th century, scientists have been trying to find out more about clairvoyance through reliable research. The German M. Dressoir (1867-1947) therefore introduced the word parapsychology. ‘Para’ is Greek for ‘besides’, so literally paranormal means ‘besides the normal’. A lot has been written about a good definition of parapsychology, but because clairvoyants deal with phenomena associated with consciousness, things that cannot be observed with the naked eye, these cannot be explained. They are often even contradictory to the scientific worldview.

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