Clairvoyant observations

Clairvoyance is a subject that people don’t really hear much about because many clairvoyant observations cannot be explained. That is also the reason why several people are concerned with clairvoyance. Clairvoyant observations are about seeing things that are invisible to others.

Review and preview

Clairvoyant observations involve seeing things that are invisible to others. So you see, extrasensory, events that have yet to happen, are happening, or have already happened. In parapsychological terms, seeing clearly in the past is called retrospection, and seeing clearly in the future and in the present is called preview. These clairvoyant observations or visions are images that usually concern people in dangerous situations. One sees these images emerge spontaneously. This can be done with the eyes open, but also with the eyes closed. Many clairvoyants are shocked when they see an image of misery for the first time. It gets worse when what one has observed actually comes true. This can sometimes take days, weeks or even several years. As one continues to develop one’s clairvoyance, other gifts are also added, such as seeing images of the person sitting opposite the clairvoyant. In many cases, clairvoyants have the impression that they are dealing with the spirits of the dearly departed. The messages they bring are often so personally addressed to the person sitting that they hardly doubt that they have been in contact with a deceased family member.

Difficulties of clairvoyant observations

The difficulties of seeing clearly do not lie in seeing itself, but in interpreting what one has seen. The clairvoyant must understand whether the perception was not a message, warning or clarification. Another difficulty is that people cannot develop their feelings well enough, which means they do not know themselves well enough. They are not aware of the observations and do nothing with them. The result of this can be seen in the bad things that happen in this world.

An example of a clairvoyant perception

A clairvoyant has seen through an observation from the future that a burglary will soon take place. He therefore takes all kinds of precautions such as extra locks on doors, locked windows and a watchdog. Burglars really can’t get in anymore, but a week later it still happens. Not with the clairvoyant, but with his neighbors. Does that mean that the clairvoyant made a mistake? No, because through the warning he consciously changed the scenario. No one will know if the psychic had really been burglarized if he had not listened to the warning.

Clairvoyance in animals

After various studies, science has been able to demonstrate that animals also have a form of clairvoyance. There are four different types:

  1. Animals that sense that danger is imminent: horses, for example, sense when an earthquake is coming. They start neighing, rearing up, running wild,…
  2. Animals that sense from a distance that their owner has died.
  3. Animals that sense that their owner is coming.
  4. Animals that find their owners when, for example, they go on holiday and leave their pet at home.

Science believes it is worthwhile to continue studying animals for clairvoyance because they cannot cheat.

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