Clairvoyance; general and examples

Clairvoyance is the ability to perceive things without external sensory stimuli. People then talk about paranormal observations. Read some examples about clairvoyance here and learn more about the purpose of being clairvoyant.

Clairvoyance; general

How does clairvoyance arise in someone?

Usually, people in whom clairvoyance is developing first see flashing images, but are unable to retain them. So when they saw the images, they immediately disappeared again. Over time, clairvoyance develops naturally. This way the clairvoyants can describe who or what they see. When they see people, they can see that they are also talking, but they cannot hear what they are saying. Usually the psychics do not see paranormal sightings every day, sometimes it can take a while for them to come back.


Many people wonder why it is actually necessary to be clairvoyant, but the clairvoyants themselves felt that it has a certain purpose. They say it is to wake up the people of Earth to let them know that life continues in a different form after death. The dead have left their bodies here and now take up no more space, they are no longer tangible. They can help us make a better world through the warnings and directions they give us.

Examples of clairvoyance

Some examples that show how clairvoyance can occur…

Example 1

The first example takes place during a dinner. Suddenly everyone heard a strange noise. The owner of the house went to see where the sound was coming from and saw that his father’s painting had fallen. He knew immediately that something was wrong with his father. And indeed, a little later he received a telephone message that his father had died, exactly at the same time that the painting had fallen. The man probably wanted to let people know that he was gone.

Example 2

The second example is about a woman whose son was in the war. She dreamed that her son was being taken away on a stretcher in the snow. He had bandages around his head and told his mother that he had no pain at all and that he had always wished he could die like this, without pain. A week later the mother received a message saying that her son had died on the day of her dream. He had called mother several times just before his death.

Example 3

The third example took place a few years ago in America. During a television program, a group of people were assigned to walk around a cemetery at night. They had to try to take pictures of ghosts while it was being filmed. At one point, all the cameras in that cemetery went out and those present saw different shapes. They were not clearly observed at all and disappeared quickly. The photos that were developed afterwards clearly showed that they were ghosts.

Example 4

The fourth and final example is about leaving the body. A woman who had been in a car accident talked about her experience afterwards. She said she saw her own body lying there. It was as if she was a spectator watching the traffic accident that happened, which happened to be about herself. She didn’t feel like she was dead, but rather that something was wrong. A few moments later she woke up, dazed and in terrible pain. At that moment her mind was back in her body and she could therefore perceive the pain caused by the accident again.

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