Numerology Numbers & the Meaning of your Date of Birth

Numerology – Meaning of your Date of Birth. Numerology involves the symbolism and influence of numbers. The numerological meaning of your date of birth is primarily that of your fate or destiny, which can give you insight into your life path, fate and your life lessons. Such as what you can learn to develop further. In this article the Western numerological number system for an analysis of your date of birth; the calculation and symbolism of the numbers 1 – 9, 11 and 22

Numerology – Symbolism Numbers – Numerological Meaning Date of Birth

Numerological Symbolism Numbers. Numerology is the study of numbers and their meaning for man and his life cycle. The numerological analysis of your date of birth mainly provides insight into your fate and destiny or your life lessons and further development and has similarities with astrological principles. Just like in astrology, numerology assumes that nothing is just coincidental, and your date of birth influences your life. There are different numerological systems. More about this and about numerology in general can be found in Numerology – Numbers and Numerological Meaning of your Name.

Numerological Analysis Date of Birth

Numerology can involve analysis of numbers:

  • based on your date of birth (destiny, learning process and development)
  • based on your name (see numerology – name number)
  • based on your house number (Feng Shui: influence of environment, article to follow soon)

Numerology Analysis Date of Birth. This article discusses the numerological analysis of your date of birth according to the modern Western system. This means that both the numbers 1 to 9 and the numbers 11 and 22 are interpreted (which is not done in all numerological systems, see Numerology).

Numerology – Numerological Meaning Date of Birth

Meaning Numerology. As with astrology, there are those who are skeptical of the numerology approach. It is of course up to you whether you see numerology as a serious analysis that can be useful to you or whether you want to know your birth number for fun or simply because you are curious about what will happen to you!

Example Numerological Birth Number

Date of birth. Birthdates are all about reducing all the numbers you find to one digit. For example, the number 12 becomes: 1 + 2 = 3. Suppose your date of birth is: 15 09 1980.

  • 15 then becomes 1 + 5 = 6
  • 09 then becomes 9
  • 1980 is 1 + 9 + 8 + 0 = 18 and becomes 9 (1+8)
  • The three results are added together: 6 + 9 + 9 = 24 = 6
  • The number whose meaning or symbolism you need to look up is the number 6

Please note that you must use the year of birth in full and always prefix it with 19 (not – in this case – just 80).

The Numbers 11 and 22

  • If the total of your date of birth results in the number 11 or the number 22, you should not add these numbers together or reduce them to one number, but simply leave the number itself! (so don’t add 1 and 1 to 2, or 2 and 2 to add to 4).


Numerological Analysis Fate and Life Lesson – Number Symbolism 1 to 9, 11 and 22

Numerological Analysis Fate Number 1

Symbolism and Life Path Number 1. Try to find out as much as possible about your own personality. Get to know yourself essentially and, above all, develop yourself mentally, physically and spiritually. The main point is to develop your self-confidence and increase your willpower. Although you may appear independent to the outside world, you are not essentially this and you are too dependent on what others think of you or you rely on others to strengthen your self-confidence. Try to take as many initiatives as possible, overcome your inhibitions, work hard and not overestimate yourself, but become essentially independent and strong from within (internally) and not just towards the outside world.

Numerological Analysis Fate Number 2

Symbolism and Life Path Number 2. Surrender and humility; These may seem like heavy terms, but this is the most important task for the development of the 2. It is important to let others go first and play second fiddle yourself. It’s not so much about fame, but about helping others. The more you empathize with others, the happier you will become.

Numerological Analysis Fate Number 3

Symbolism and Life Path Number 3. The life lesson required for the 3 is one that many will envy, namely: learn to party! Get rid of shyness, modesty, your introverted approach and your fears. It is important for you to come out. Show yourself to others, be open-hearted, develop your creative talents and your sense of humor! Contacts with creative, artistic and extroverted people can help with this. It’s about being so happy that you make others happy too. The motto for you is: Man, dare to live!

Numerological Analysis Fate Number 4

Symbolism and Life Path Number 4. The necessary development that is strongly evident for the 4 is to work very hard, increase your willpower and become the boss of yourself. You acquire self-discipline by being active, precise and patient and building something, step by step and brick by brick. The other part of what you need to develop is being reliable and sticking to your duties. As a 4 year old you are only happy if you work very hard. Once a 4 is in charge of itself, it feels like enormous freedom and liberation.

Numerological Analysis Fate Number 5

Symbolism and Life Path Number 5. The 5’s have a life lesson to become free. Being able to adapt yourself to changes, new ideas, new people, new places. This involves taking courses and traveling to experience new and unusual things. You will learn a lot from the people you meet, especially those who are progressive. It is important not to impose too many restrictions and obligations on yourself, but to be active and keep moving. The 5 must learn what freedom essentially and really is.

Numerological Analysis Fate Number 6

Symbolism and Life Path Number 6. Service is the life lesson for the 6. You need inner peace and contentment and you will only find that if you take on your responsibilities. You sometimes have (or had) the tendency to live mainly for yourself and it is important to be of service to others. So give, spiritually, spiritually and materially. Bring a good balance between give and take. And remember that whoever does good, meets good!

Numerological Analysis Fate Number 7

Symbolism and Life Path Number 7. The lesson for the 7 has to do with wisdom and wisdom and by (daring to) look within. You may be afraid of being alone a lot, but try to overcome this fear. It is time for introspection, reflection and meditation. And also for study and very good and careful thinking. It is important for you to regularly seek out a quiet environment, to become more in touch with the spiritual side within yourself and the world around you. You will find an inner strength and guidance by looking within.

Numerological Analysis Fate Number 8

Symbolism and Life Path Number 8. An 8 has great power within itself. It is important to become aware of this and use it to progress on the material level. Discover that there is actually not such a big difference between the material and spiritual worlds. Spiritual power can be converted into material success. You can learn to organize, oversee and be efficient. Your development will move more in the business direction. It is important to learn what to do with money, power and success.

Numerological Analysis Fate Number 9

Symbolism and Life Path Number 9. The life lesson for the 9 is to become more selfless and dedicate yourself to others. The 9 learns to give in the broadest sense of the word. Completely effacing yourself for others, freeing yourself from your prejudices, not exercising authority, but developing patience, tact and tolerance. It is not an easy lesson and it will sometimes seem as if everything has to come from one side. However, it is an important life lesson that is already paying off.

Numerological Analysis Fate Number 11

Symbolism and Life Path Number 11. The 11 and 22 are called spiritual numbers by numerologists. Your life lesson is with a numerological term: self-enlightenment. It’s about finding the truth. Insight can be found everywhere, don’t look too far from your bed. Insight can arise in peace and quiet as well as in confusion and bewilderment. It is especially important to further discover and develop what lies behind the material world.

Numerological Analysis Fate Number 22

Symbolism and Life Path Number 22. Together with the 11, the 22 is a spiritual number. The most important lesson for the 22 is self-control. You have the powers of all the previous numbers at your disposal. It is very important to take control of your thoughts, feelings and actions, to be master of yourself. And then to use the power and strength you have in a spiritual way. The power and energy of your number can be used for good or evil. The temptation to abuse your power for personal gain is strong, but will ultimately be a dead end.

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