Waking up without an alarm clock

Are you still far away in dreamland, and suddenly the alarm wakes you up and you sit upright in bed. You were rudely woken from your sleep by a sound that sounded like a fire alarm. This makes you still feel very drowsy and you have to start your daily activities tired. You feel better rested when you wake up naturally. How can you learn to wake up without an alarm clock or to wake up naturally?

Awaken naturally

Waking up naturally is caused by the light of dawn sending signals to the brain through your closed eyes. This releases wake-up hormones, which gradually wake you up. You can then wake up wonderfully rested and feel completely rested. If you want to wake up at a certain time, an alarm clock will allow you to do so.

Why we need an alarm clock

If we all got up when we’ve slept in, life would be a complete mess because people would show up for work at different times. Making appointments at certain times in the morning would not be possible. Night owls have a slower biological clock and those people would only arrive at work at the end of the morning. In winter everyone would be late because no wake-up hormones have been released due to the lack of daylight. In summer, some would wake up as early as five in the morning if the daylight wasn’t blocked by curtains.

Learn to wake up yourself

You no longer want to sit up in bed with your heart pounding because the fire alarm on your bedside table woke you from a deep sleep. Because you have been rudely awakened from your sleep, you start the day feeling groggy. But is it right to start the day like this? It is possible to teach yourself to wake up at a certain time. This can prevent a startling effect in the morning so that you can start the day relaxed. If you have a regular sleep pattern, you may wake up before the alarm goes off. You often wake up on your own if you have something important that day. If you want to wake up at a certain time, tell yourself this before you go to sleep. It may be that this actually happens after a few days.

What should you do?

Don’t rely completely on your alarm clock. Just to be safe, set your alarm clock 15 minutes later as a kind of backup in case you don’t wake up on time. It would be nice if you woke up just before the alarm went off. This also gives you a feeling that you have had enough sleep. Practice this for a while and try to go to sleep at regular times. Ensure good sleep hygiene such as a good temperature, good ventilation and a pleasant sleeping environment. Go to bed on time so that your body has the opportunity to get enough sleep and pay attention to proper nutrition. If your stomach is too full or if you have drunk too much caffeine or alcohol, your sleep will be disturbed. Develop a regular pattern that makes it easier to wake up at a certain time.

Types of alarm clocks

Unfortunately, if you have to be at work at a certain time, you cannot always avoid an alarm clock. Maybe your start time is not aligned with your biological clock, or you still need more sleep. Fortunately, there are some ways to avoid the fire alarm next to your bed. There are alarm clocks that wake you up in gentler ways so that you can get up without heart palpitations. Some examples are mentioned below and who knows, your ideal alarm clock may be among them.

A natural alarm clock

This alarm clock imitates sunlight and will emit more and more light over the course of half an hour so that your body can gradually produce wake-up hormones. You wake up feeling refreshed and good and can start the day full of energy. This is better for your mood because your biological clock can do its job better. The alarm clock usually has a supporting alarm for sound sleepers. There are also alarm clocks that offer you support when going to sleep. These gradually become darker until the lamp is off. This is a very suitable alarm clock for younger children and people who have irregular working hours.

Wake up to nature sounds

There are also alarm clocks that work just like an alarm clock with an alarm, but instead of an alarm sound you hear sounds of nature such as waves on the beach, twittering birds or stormy weather.

Alarm clock with recorded sound

You can play your favorite music with this alarm clock when you wake up. This can be anything ranging from classical music to rock music. It could also be the sound of your children laughing, your own voice or any other sound that makes you feel comfortable.

Alarm clock with increasing volume

The alarm signal or music gradually becomes louder, so that you are not rudely torn from your sleep. Waking up in this way increases the chance of remembering dreams.

Shaking alarm clock

This alarm clock really exists: an alarm clock that causes your bed to shake to wake you up. If you don’t wake up, flashes of light will appear. Not everyone likes this way of waking up, but it might be just the thing for you.

Tip for the light sleeper

Whichever alarm clock you choose, make sure you cannot see the light from the display. If you are a light sleeper, this can disrupt your sleep and cause you to wake up too early. It can especially disrupt sleep in the early morning, when you are usually in lighter stages of sleep. You could turn the alarm clock or choose an alarm clock without a display. Maybe it’s better to use your cell phone as an alarm clock.

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