Important facts about hay fever

For many, an approaching spring is a pleasant end to a cold period. But there is a category of people who cannot think about it without worry, because for them spring is accompanied by coughing, spluttering and sneezing. And the sometimes additional shortness of breath due to difficult breathing is even more severe. Important tips to protect yourself against hay fever symptoms caused by pollen.

Hay and fever

In the past, it was thought that hay was the cause of sneezing, which is why the name came about. The real culprits, however, are the pollen from grasses, trees and flowers. These do not lead to fever, but cause inflammation in the upper respiratory tract. The result is a stinging, burning or itching sensation in the back of the throat and nose. And also watery eyes, sneezing and a runny nose. The medical term for the condition hay fever is allergic rhinoconjunctivitis.
Hay fever sometimes disappears spontaneously from someone’s life. Some people simply get rid of it after a few years. Even after tens of years, the condition can still disappear on its own. But unfortunately, it can also arise out of nowhere, even though you have never experienced any inconvenience from it before.


Hay fever is not just limited to spring. As soon as the first trees start to bloom, sometimes even in February, the hay fever season starts again. May and June in particular are a bad period for those who are allergic to pollen from grasses. And the third group of culprits are the pollen from weeds, because they cause problems from May to September for those who are sensitive to them. Even in October you still run the risk of allergic reactions because of Ambrosia, a relatively new nuisance, because it is a plant that has a lot of pollen. You can suddenly find this plant in your garden. If you see one, remove it immediately.

Pollen cannot be avoided

It is virtually impossible to avoid the irritating pollens because they are in the air. By ensuring that you come into contact with the pollen as little as possible, you can limit the number of laughs. For example, it is better to go outside in the morning, because the pollen concentration is higher at the end of the afternoon. A rain shower also reduces the amount of pollen in the air. All those drops make the air cleaner, so to speak. You should keep the grass in your garden short so that it cannot bloom. Regarding the severity of the allergic reactions, there is a big difference between the different types of trees and plants. You can read which crops you should avoid on, where it is stated exactly who the biggest causes are. Remember that there is considerably less pollen in the air at the sea than on land, so the North Sea beach can provide relief, especially with wind from the sea.

Climatic influences

Long dry climatic conditions are favourable. This is because the grasses in particular become so dry that they no longer manage to produce pollen. Unfortunately, these long dry periods are not often experienced in our country. On the other hand, we have more frequent cleansing rain showers, which are also beneficial for hay fever patients.

Alcohol and smoking

There is no scientific evidence that alcohol consumption worsens symptoms, except perhaps in an individual case. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to be alert to this. On the other hand, smoking does indeed worsen the susceptibility to allergies. In addition, smoking affects the bronchi and mucous membranes. This negative consequence also applies to passive smoking.

Combating the ailment

If the complaints are mild, you can request information from a pharmacy. Antihistamines, a substance that suppresses allergic reactions, are often advised. If the complaints do not go away, a visit to the doctor is appropriate. In serious situations, injections can help. Initially, allergen extracts are injected weekly and then monthly. Such treatment can last about 3 to 5 years. The approach is usually effective, because approximately 80% of patients experience significantly less discomfort after the treatment and the use of medication can also decrease.

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