Channel power of the mind

Spirituality is hot, we can safely say that. If it is not from pure intentions based on faith, then it is from the motto ‘if it doesn’t help, it doesn’t hurt’. And in fact that is true, because if you give in to your life path a little, you make it a lot easier. However, given that we are often unaware of the spiritual power within us, channeling can sometimes be very useful.

Go with the flow, within limits

It sounds contradictory, because going with the flow means following the path of life and not constantly digging in your heels and being contrary. But that does not alter the fact that you are allowed to raise your stakes, after all, you have a life to lead and you want to do it as pleasantly as possible. So follow the flow, but channeled. It starts with realizing the power that the mind has, because the mind is absolutely strong. However, if you let everything go (and just see what comes your way), it can not only cause confusion but also cost you energy. Then channeling your spiritual powers can be of added value. How does that work?


The realization is actually your biggest step in the process. But once you have set that, it is also useful to look at how you can channel that. There are many exercises you can do that will help you in the process. A commonly used one is described below, where the exercises are of course not magic. If health, finances or the relationship fail for a while, then these are of course just problems as they are. However, if you have your own powers under control, you will take a big and especially pleasant step in life that can also yield you a lot in physical life.


  • Make sure you are relaxed and sit down. Look at the day/days as they are now passing and recall some of the less pleasant things (something that is or could be problematic for you). In line with those thoughts, you can also go back a little further and be able to see for a moment which issues pose problems for you (large or small). Similar things often come up again and by looking back a little further, you give yourself the space to oversee this.
  • Place one or more things separately in balloons or if you have more wet water, you can also put them in separate small boats (both the balloons and boats have a gray color, not really attractive). As for the person who is not very good at visualizing, that is not a problem. Just do your best to visualize it and besides, practice makes perfect.
  • All those balloons or boats have a string attached to them and you control the strings yourself. This way you will also see that it could just be a bundle that you are trying to control… and of course we mean spiritually.
  • If you are relaxed enough and put into perspective what it is that you actually have in your hands and want to keep, you laugh and let go of some strings.
  • Only then do you see that the balloon or boat is not going away at all. You can easily grab hold of a string that you previously let go without any problem. Repeat this several times, leaving the strings loose for a little longer each time before grabbing them again.
  • Every time you let go and pull back some strings, think about how it makes you feel. Does it still feel crampy, are you still panicking, do you feel comfortable about it? Until that last moment, it is important to keep repeating this exercise.
  • The penultimate part of the exercise is to consider what those floating balloons or boats represent. The power that the mind has to keep things under control smoothly and above all not to be frenetic. That consumes energy and ultimately yields little for you.
  • Finally, you make the problematic things disappear by puncturing the balloons or letting them float away, where you actually let them float away. Just like the boat, because when you want it, the wind blows harder and the stream flows more strongly. Finally, realize what you realize with this line of thought.


Source: Jill111, Pixabay

If you can manage your negative thoughts about problematic things in your mind, you should also do the same with positive things. You can get a lot more out of that. It starts the same again.

  • Relax, breathe deeply and try to clear your mind as much as possible.
  • That nice relaxed feeling can slowly sink you in until you are completely relaxed and calm. Very quiet…
  • In this pleasant, extremely calm state, think about what you would like, your desires, your preferred state of mind, your health, etc. Determine the importance yourself chronologically.
  • When you have all your thoughts on track, put them in balloons or boats with the corresponding strings. Realize what these balloons or boats mean to you and let this feeling penetrate you.
  • They float in the air or float on the water and, unlike the negative things, have a bright color, almost luminous. View the balloons or boats individually and see how beautifully the lighting of the balloon or boat colors the environment and gives you a pleasant feeling.
  • Now let go of some of the strings and see how they drift away, but you can easily grab them again. Take a closer look at a retrieved string and see what positive thought it is. Get the right feeling and transfer this energy to the balloon or boat. The light becomes even more beautiful to see. Do this at a pace that suits you, bring them back and release them again.
  • When the realization has sunk in, let go of the balloons or boats (you can also puncture the balloon) and experience that you can have control and let go at the rhythm of what you feel comfortable with.



How do you apply this exercise in a situation? First you must realize the power of this exercise. You have to feel it and not think that it will solve your problems for a while and then be disillusioned. Feel what your spiritual power is and can do and now call up one of the pleasant thoughts in your mind. Something that was in the previously light-colored balloons or boats. Feel the associated feeling. Let it go and call up something else and when you have mastered this, let it go for a while.
Start applying it when something is happening that influences you in a positive or negative way.


For some people it works immediately and for others it is a matter of doing it more often. But as long as you take it seriously, and you also take the moment of rest where it is needed (and not in a hurry in between), it can help you channel your mental power.

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