Outdoor exercise for health and sleep

Intensive healthy exercise in the outdoors is good for body and mind. Exercise your body and musculoskeletal system sensibly at all times of the year, while enjoying the surroundings. So working on the maintenance of life and limb. Keep the joints flexible, strengthen muscles and burn fat. This also provides optimal care for the heart-lung-blood vessel system. And of course get rid of stress in preparation for a beneficial night’s sleep. The result is a healthier and perhaps much longer life.

Rest rust

Humans are designed to move and not to sit still all the time. That’s why the proverb says Rust-Roest. You will notice, for example, how extreme neglect can degenerate your muscles if you have undergone knee surgery and can barely bear weight on the treated leg for several weeks. The leg muscles appear to have atrophied and it takes weeks before both legs return to the same firm size.

Mental overhaul

But exercise is not only necessary for our body (our musculoskeletal system) but also for our mind and our morale. Get tired for a moment, get an increased heart rate, sweat well and put a lot of strain on the lungs. That leads to miracles in our minds, because it seems as if we can take on the whole world again afterwards.
After a day of hard work, with mental strain due to difficult problems and meeting deadlines, the biggest pitfall is to hang out on the couch at home after work. We are indeed tired, but not on a physical level, but on a spiritual level. Our brains need a makeover, which we achieve by exercising intensively, and not by taking a nap. Of course, this is different if physical work has been performed. The community nurse or plumber can close their eyes for a while after a grueling day.

Better outside than inside

There are many options for healthy exercise. This can of course be done in the gym through a game of badminton or fitness, but outdoor exercise is preferable. Vitamin D is simultaneously produced in the skin under the influence of the sun. That is important for strong bones. All that daylight also improves your morale and makes you cheerful and more optimistic. Scientific research indicates that nature has a positive influence on our mental health. Even walking in the park can reduce stress.

Exercise = live longer

American scientific research shows that runners, for example, react less strongly to certain stimuli, such as cold and noise, after a 10 km training. This stress-reducing result was still noticeable even 5 hours after training. It has also been proven that running helps with depression. Physical exertion reduces fears and tensions. So it is indeed possible to exercise the stress out of your body.
You only need to work intensively on your body for half an hour a day to live longer. This has been proven since 1966 at Harvard University in the US. About 22,000 students participated in the study, which is still ongoing. According to a recent analysis, you can reduce the risk of death by 36% if you are physically active for more than 2 days.

People over 50

A study at the Stanford University School of Medicine compared a thousand people over 50 over a 20-year period. One part ran, and the other half did not. Of the runners, 15 percent had died after twenty years, while this percentage among non-runners was 34 percent. So runners are clearly not dead runners. In addition, the runners complained less often about their joints, and they also had to undergo knee or hip surgery less often.

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