Lose weight through exercise, without exercise

When you think about losing weight, in addition to eating less, you usually think about exercise to lose some extra kilos. That is not always necessary. Many people hate sports, without necessarily hating exercise. How can you lose weight without exercise, with extra exercise? Without noticing it, we have automated more and more actions. We let devices do the work for us and sit down ourselves. Then we feel too fat and go to the gym to work off the extra calories. Actually illogical when you realize that spending extra energy on your home and garden not only results in a slimmer line, but also extra living pleasure.

Gardening and losing weight

Gardening can take a lot of energy. Ban electrical equipment from your life and start working manually again. It takes little more time, but you use a lot more energy. Gardening easily costs 400 calories per hour, which is almost as much as a visit to the gym (440 calories per hour). Intensive gardening such as mowing the lawn with a hand lawn mower costs 440 calories per hour.

Transportation and weight loss

Grab your bike or walk more often. If you consistently use your bike for all distances shorter than three kilometers, you will use a lot of extra energy, without it costing you much extra time. You may be on the road a little longer, but you no longer have to go to the gym. Cycling for an hour (16 kilometers per hour) burns 320 calories. That’s the same number of calories burned as in a one-hour gym class.

Household chores and weight loss

Cleaning windows and vacuuming are also big energy guzzlers and also result in a tidy house with clean windows. So dedicate yourself to your household with dedication and keep in mind that these boring jobs are good for your health. Then they will probably be a lot more pleasant.

Home improvement and weight loss

Painting a wall or laying laminate flooring yourself requires almost as much energy as cycling, so get on with the job and renovate your house to your heart’s content. No money for renovations and still not satisfied with your interior? Have a nice change. Emptying and moving cupboards and carrying around furniture takes a lot of energy and also results in a tidy house. So here too, two birds with one stone. A nice result and a slimmer line.

Activities with the children

Hula hooping, jumping rope, badminton, trampoline jumping and dancing together are real energy guzzlers, but exercise games on the WII and Xbox Kinect are also a good way to be physically active. An additional advantage is that the children move along, which is not an unnecessary luxury these days. A good example leads to good follow.

Benefits of more exercise

  • Exercise not only has a positive influence on our body, our mind also benefits from exercise. People who get enough exercise feel better, both mentally and physically.
  • When you lose weight by temporarily exercising more, you are less likely to experience the infamous yo-yo effect. Of course, you don’t have to compensate for more exercise with more food.


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