Help with foot drop, foot lifter’s palsy, drop foot or drop foot

Foot drop is a difficult phenomenon while walking and is also called foot lifter’s palsy. A paresis is an incomplete paralysis of the muscles. With foot drop there is incomplete paralysis of the foot lifters. The phenomenon is that the forefoot cannot be lifted sufficiently while walking. The result is that the foot hits the ground with an audible thud and then cannot be rolled off properly. The condition gets its name from that blow.

Weakened foot lifting muscles in foot lifting palsy

With foot lifting paresis, the muscles that are responsible for lifting the big toe, the other toes and the entire foot are weakened. Those toe lifters should also help lift the foot into the ankle. The reduced function of the muscles can lead to the knee being lifted higher than normal to prevent the foot from dragging on the ground. In that case it is a so-called cock tread. Names that are also used for foot drop or foot lifter’s palsy are drop foot and drop foot.

Aids based on brace techniques

To be able to walk better with foot drop, there are various aids that lift the foot and absorb the fall of the foot. These aids are based on the techniques of a brace. A brace is a construction that is usually made of plastic and that serves as support for an injured joint. A special type of brace that has been developed to support foot drop is a so-called foot-up or foot drop brace. There are different models, all of which aim to compensate for the function of the weakened muscles.

No more slow steps with drop foot, drop foot or drop foot

Although a brace is a rather flashy construction, wearing it does not necessarily have to be a problem. Once attached, a brace will not be very noticeable because it fits around the lower leg and foot. A brace can also easily be hidden from view by long pants and shoes. Once attached, it can ensure that a normal walking pattern is created instead of walking with a slow gait.

Össur foot drop brace

According to many specialists, the Össur foot drop brace is an excellent aid for foot drop. The brace is designed for optimal support. It is also particularly suitable for sports because it can be worn in sports shoes. The Össur brace consists of two parts. The first part is an ankle strap and the second part is an inlay part that is placed in the shoe. These two parts are connected by a strong elastic band. This strap ensures that the foot is held up and cannot fold down.

Partly in view

The disadvantage of this system is that the elastic band in particular is visible because the band is connected from the ankle strap over the foot to the inlay part. With lace-up shoes, the elastic band is attached to the inlay part approximately halfway through the lacing. The band can only be hidden from view through the legs of long trousers. The material of the brace is lightweight and strong and therefore lasts a long time.


Another model that is especially suitable for patients with complete peroneal nerve loss is the Perodynamic. This consists of a number of parts such as basic splint, cuff, covering, connecting nipples and straps. What is special about this patented system is the sliding calf cuff that does not cause any annoying skin irritation or pressure on the calf muscles. The calf cuff can be modulated with a hot air hair dryer and therefore completely individually adjusted. This aid is also suitable for use during exercise.

Less in sight

An advantage of the Perodynamic is that it can be more easily hidden from view than the elastic band of the foot-up. But even with this model this is only possible by wearing long trousers.

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