Tips for a better mood

A bad mood is not only very annoying for the person in it, but also for the people around it. We often get carried away too much by negative thoughts and immediately miss all the beautiful aspects of daily life. Do you want to know how you can turn a bad mood into a good mood and how to prevent a grumpy mood? Below you will find 15 tips for a better mood.

Look at the positive

We often tend to only look at the bad side of a situation. This only makes us fall deeper into that depressive valley. So look at the positive side. Suppose it is raining heavily outside. Then think: fortunately the plants are now getting enough water. If you start to think positively about the smallest events, it will be easier when a more difficult situation arises.

Get enough sleep

Sleeping well has many health benefits, so it’s no wonder it’s also good for depression. Therefore, take enough rest to give yourself time to process all the events of the day.

Let sunlight in

Waking up in the morning to the natural sunlight immediately boosts your mood. For example, the light of the morning would make us happier. Taking a walk before going to work also helps a lot.

Play with a pet

Playing with your dog for 15 minutes is said to release hormones that boost your mood. This drastically reduces the stress hormone cortisol. Are you more of a cat person? No problem. Research has shown that playing with cats has the same effect.

Make yourself laugh

When you laugh, you activate the happiness hormones and you automatically feel happier. A study from Clark University in America showed that people who laugh were also perceived as funnier than people who frowned.

Eat more chocolate

Fancy something sweet? Go wild with chocolate! It contains trytophan, a substance that immediately makes us happier. Even the smell and texture would be enough.

Stop taking the pill

If there is no other cause than the use of the pill, switch to contraception that does not contain hormones. Switching pills may reduce the problem, but it will not eliminate it.

Express your creativity

A study by Boston University showed that students who signed up for a painting class felt a lot better afterwards. They poured all negative energy into their painting. Also, keeping a diary would have the same effect.

Exercise regularly

It may be the last thing you want to do when you’re feeling down, but exercise can certainly boost your mood. Research has shown that people who regularly exercise for at least 30 minutes have a 50% lower risk of depression than others.

Paint your house

The colors in your home can help improve your mood and well-being. For example, the color of sunlight would be a good option. Light blue is also a good choice. For example, a study by the Free University of Amsterdam showed that people who had to take a test were less nervous after seeing a blue object.

Give someone a hug

Touching someone releases endorphins in our body, which makes us feel happy. According to the University of North Carolina, it would also lower blood pressure, making us more relaxed and relaxed.

Don’t plan too much

An overcrowded agenda causes unrest and a lot of stress. Therefore, do not make too many plans and always schedule sufficient rest moments for yourself to recover. For difficult and complicated tasks, it is good to split them up and divide them so as not to continue working for too long. Otherwise, not only your concentration will disappear, but also your good mood.

Find the routine

Try to do the same activities at about the same time every day if you find yourself on the depressive path. Whether it concerns answering your email or walking your dog, a fixed time for each activity provides structure and peace.

Talk about it

Never keep your depression to yourself, but share it with your family and friends. They not only provide emotional support, but can also help you find help. In addition, someone else can quickly point out the positive aspects and help you see the beauty in every situation.

Away with that cigarette

Quitting smoking may put you in a bad mood, but continuing to smoke is much worse. In addition to all the bad effects of smoking on our physical health, smoking is also one of the culprits in depression.

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