Beer belly, cause and training away

A beer belly is caused by drinking beer. Sometimes. A beer belly can also be caused by eating too much and exercising too little, but then it should not actually be called a beer belly. Why do heavy beer drinkers have that bulging belly, is it dangerous and how can you lose weight or train away the belly?

There is no such thing as a beer belly

Anyone who thinks that a beer belly is storage of beer is wrong: the beer belly does not exist. What does exist is fat storage around the abdominal organs. When the space around the abdominal organs is filled with fat, the fat is deposited outwards, causing the abdomen to bulge. Among heavy beer drinkers this is known as the beer belly.

Lots of calories in beer

People who drink a lot of beer also consume a lot of useless calories. Useless because beer contains no vitamins. In addition, beer does not contain any proteins, which makes it useless for cell building. Beer contains a lot of bad carbohydrates that are converted into fat. This fat is stored in the body for worse times. As long as those bad times don’t come, the body will continue to store fat instead of using it.
A glass of beer contains approximately 85 kcal. Anyone who drinks ten glasses of beer per day consumes 850 kcal per day. Beer also works up your appetite: beer makes you eat more chips and nuts and makes you more likely to crave pizza or fries. In addition, many beer drinkers also build up their daily fat base in the stomach: by consuming a fatty meal, the stomach reacts less sensitively to alcohol. In this way, a lot of calories are consumed unnoticed. This is a common problem, especially among daily beer drinkers. Because alcohol is addictive, beer drinkers are often unaware of the dangers of a beer belly and alcohol consumption. Drinking beer often creeps in as well. It starts with one glass during dinner and before you know it you are drinking more than ten glasses a day. This may seem like an exaggeration, but more and more people are becoming heavy home drinkers. A home drinker therefore drinks more than two glasses of alcohol per day, apart from drinking in a public place such as a café.

Beer belly without drinking beer

A beer belly can also develop without drinking beer or other alcoholic beverages. Wrong eating habits are often the cause of this. Too many unhealthy fatty foods and sugars are the biggest culprits. In this case we are not talking about a beer belly but about a big belly, overweight or too large a waist circumference. There is no real beer belly. In both cases, the waist circumference cannot be called healthy: increased fat storage around the abdominal organs entails an increased health risk. One should especially think of heart problems and vascular disease.

Train away beer belly

Can you get rid of a beer belly through exercises? Yes and no. Abdominal exercises alone don’t help. That really doesn’t make your stomach go away. People will have to adjust their diet and/or stop drinking beer. In addition, a lot of exercise will have to be done. By consuming more calories than you consume through food, the body will use the stored fat. Attention must be paid to the amount of food: eating too little will cause the body to save fat even more. A good workout that alternates cardio and strength training can ultimately make the beer belly disappear. This requires a lot of patience: fat often disappears in other places first. This has to do with the fact that the body likes to store fat around the abdomen and will therefore save this fat last as a reserve energy source.
Stopping drinking (excessive) alcohol also has other benefits. Alcohol has many unpleasant properties, such as causing stomach cancer, esophageal cancer, liver cirrhosis, damage to the brain, high blood pressure, cerebral hemorrhage, etc. Drinking alcohol in moderation, which means no more than 2 glasses per day, has a beneficial effect against clogging of the blood vessels . However, this only applies to men over 40 and women over 50. Alcohol has no beneficial effect for young people.

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