Visiting a clairvoyant

Who should you make an appointment with if you would like to know more about your future? And how exactly does that work?


You should select a clairvoyant with care. If necessary, ask friends or acquaintances for advice, perhaps they have had previous experiences. You don’t have to be nervous about visiting a clairvoyant either. Films and series often give the impression that fortune tellers sit in a dark room and look through a crystal ball, but nothing could be further from the truth. You will talk to the clairvoyant and a pleasant atmosphere will probably arise. It is also not the case that the clairvoyant can unravel all your deepest secrets. He or she will be more likely to learn information about thoughts, feelings, finances, etc. You will have the feeling that he or she knows you, you will feel understood.
The clairvoyant usually sees images that have a personal meaning for him, so he knows what those images are about. An example of this is this: a man, when he was a child, standing at the deathbed of his mother, who had cancer, saw a saucer with a half-eaten peach on it. Every time he now sees the images of a saucer with a half-eaten peach on it, he knows that the person whose future he is predicting will also die of cancer.

By consultation only

It is best that one only consults a clairvoyant. Even if you find it scary, it is very difficult for the clairvoyant to concentrate on one person if there is a second person present. The observations can then become mixed up and the clairvoyant himself does not know which images belong to which person.

Asking questions; confidential

Psychics usually listen to your problems while talking to you. During the conversation they predict your future. Usually, psychics find it difficult to make predictions without a conversation. During the visit to the clairvoyant you can ask anything you want, what is said remains confidential. If you want to ask something about a friend or family member, it is best to bring a photo that has not been edited. In this way the clairvoyant can also learn a lot about these people. Just make sure you warn the psychic if you show a photo of a deceased person. If you do not do this, it can have unpleasant consequences for yourself and the clairvoyant.


But how do you know whether the predictions will actually come true? To check this, the clairvoyant will first talk about the past of the person being consulted. If everything he or she says is true, then the predictions about the future will also come true. However, if nothing from the past is correct, it is better to come back another time. Things usually go better then.
A reliable clairvoyant also speaks honestly when he or she is unsure about a particular image he or she receives. He/she will not beat around the bush and will not appear vague.

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