Science and clairvoyance

In parapsychology it is assumed that all strange phenomena are not only caused by ghosts, but that there is more behind it. But what then?


Science is still busy looking for explanations for clairvoyance. It is believed that there are certain powers within man that cannot yet be explained. The problem is that we understand so little about the human mind that we cannot yet explain it. In fact, science knows more about the far side of the moon than it does about the mind of man. Usually parapsychologists are also psychologists. After all, they have completed a scientific study of the human mind and therefore understand better how it works. Science currently comes out with the idea that there is more between heaven and earth, but as soon as they know more about the mind of man, this idea will disappear.

Psychologists and clairvoyance

If you ask psychologists for more information about clairvoyance, you will get different answers. So science is not sure whether clairvoyance actually exists or not. The opinions of five psychologists about clairvoyance:
Answer from psychologist one: There are phenomena that are not yet completely understood by psychologists, and which mean that information can be passed on through paranormal channels.
Answer from psychologist two: All phenomena are based on pure coincidences. This means that special events can of course occur due to a coincidental combination of circumstances.
Answer from psychologist three: The people who deal with paranormal observations are liars. Undoubtedly there are examples of phenomena that fall into this category. The well-known crop circles, for example. These are known to have been produced by pranksters. Most scientists do not take this statement into account because it is too easy a way to dismiss clairvoyance.
Psychologist Four’s Answer: We are always dealing with delicate psychological appearances. People want the impossible, such as coming into contact with deceased loved ones, missing children, loved ones. What is seen has nothing to do with being paranormal, but with psychological condition.
Psychologist Five’s Answer: People can be deceived by their own brains. What is meant by this is that paranormal events are usually associated with intense emotions. Clairvoyants are preferably consulted when someone is at their wits’ end, overwhelmed by grief, for example. When intense emotions are involved, people are hardly interested in the real reality, which is too horrible to accept. Paranormal appearances are therefore between the ears and not outside.


So the bottom line is that the majority of psychologists do not believe in the existence of clairvoyance but do not want to forget it either. They wait for the moment when there is proof before they can really believe in it. However, science does not have an easy time studying paranormal phenomena. They must be situated in the context of the total science, next to and among other experiential sciences.

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