Dreadlocks, dreads, rastas

What exactly are dreadlocks? How do you get dreadlocks and how do you maintain them? Can you wash dreads? How can you further embellish dreads?

What are dreadlocks?

Dreadlocks, also called dreads or rastas, are bundles of hair that are completely tangled together. This tangling is achieved by felting the hair.

Different ways to shape dreadlocks

If you have frizzy hair, you can avoid brushing, combing and cutting your hair for a while to get “natural” dreadlocks. Frizzy hair tangles relatively quickly. You then have no control over the amount and shape of the dreadlocks that form.
If you want more control over the amount and shape of the dreadlocks, or if you simply do not have frizzy hair but straight hair, there is another way to form dreadlocks. This is how dreadlocks are placed:

  1. You create a division on your head by securing tufts of hair
  2. You loosen a section of hair and twist the hairs around each other so that you have a firm section and backcomb this hair evenly so that the entire section is equally tangled from top to bottom (the more tightly tangled, the better). . This is how you do each section.
  3. You can also fold up the ends (farthest from your head) of each dreadlock and backcomb them there. Men in particular often like this better because it is less pointy.
  4. You can now apply special wax to your dreadlocks by rubbing it in thoroughly. Be careful and don’t use too much because they will become too greasy and will cause them to slide apart again. This wax ensures nicer dreadlocks that look neater.


Keeping dreadlocks

If you have allowed your dreadlocks to develop naturally, you do not have to maintain your dreadlocks, this happens completely automatically. However, if you have shaped your dreadlocks in the other, more controlled way, there may be some work involved in maintaining them. It is best to re-touch your dreadlocks with wax once every two weeks, tease loose hair back or tuck it in with a crochet hook, and rotate your dreadlocks clockwise around your finger as often as possible so that the parts that are closest to your head are well felted.
It is also a good idea to use special shampoo for dreadlocks. Contrary to what many people think, you can simply wash dreadlocks and this is actually good for your dreadlocks. It is best to wash your dreadlocks about twice a week.

Decorating dreadlocks

There are many ways to decorate your dreadlocks. You can put nice beads around it, stick things through it (not too thick and preferably with “barbs”), but you also have special jewelry for your dreadlocks that you slide over it. There are also hats that are specially designed for people with dreadlocks. Because normal hats don’t fit over your dreadlocks, these special hats can be a nice solution!

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