Health: Breathing problems

Without breathing, a human or animal cannot live and so this process makes the difference between life and death. Yet we take it for granted that our breathing always works. Only when you yourself or those around you are confronted with the lack of this automatic process do many people realize that it is not so obvious for everyone.

The automatic process of breathing

Very simply put, air flows to and from the lungs. The route to and from the lungs goes through various parts of the body, namely:

  • The nose and/or mouth
  • The trachea
  • The branches of the trachea
  • The Bronchiolo (these are the smallest branches of the trachea)
  • The alveoli

The actual gas exchange takes place in the alveoli and oxygen is absorbed into the blood and carbon dioxide is released into the air. The carbon dioxide-rich and oxygen-poor air is then exhaled through the mouth or nose. This process makes it essential for humans and animals to live. It must be said that there are different ways of breathing, but it is of course all based on the above process.

Problems with breathing


There are numerous conditions/diseases, such as inflammation and benign or malignant tumors, that can affect one or more of the above parts of the body and make it more difficult to breathe. The physical aspects of breathing problems, however serious they may be, can generally be easily localized. Depending on the ailment, a healing process can then be initiated. Often used to combat symptoms and may be effective at destroying tissue, but also essential to adequately tackle tumors, for example.
In alternative medicine, there is also the aspect that a physical ailment at a certain place in the body metaphysically represents something. Where alternative medicine works from a different perspective, namely tackling and solving the actual problem. It goes without saying that in the case of serious conditions you should not simply throw conventional medicine overboard, but it often works well together, i.e. the best of both worlds.


If difficult breathing is caused by the psyche, things are a bit different. It is not that concrete and so it must first be determined where that difficult breathing comes from. A good example is poor breathing due to stress.
Stress is a tension that is present for a long time. A little bit of stress can’t hurt, it can even help you to be sharper and more alert at the moment, but if the tension continues things will change. Stress often causes incorrect breathing, such as the dysfunctional breathing pattern (also known as hyperventilation). When we inhale, a lot of oxygen or O2 comes in and we blow out air rich in carbon dioxide or CO2. If we breathe incorrectly, we change the air too frequently and then too much CO2 escapes, ultimately leaving too little CO2 in the blood. This in turn is necessary to stimulate O2 to the body cells. The result can be diverse and sometimes even in combination. Consider:

  • Palpitations
  • Pressure on the chest
  • Shortness of breath
  • Tingling in hands or feet
  • Dizziness
  • High bloodpressure
  • Excessive sweating

Being exposed to this for a long time can lead to vasoconstriction and the brain can receive up to 1/3 of too little blood. With all possible consequences.

Learning to breathe again

Recognizing and tackling a psychological cause requires more than tackling breathing, but breathing is an essential start. There are now even groups where you can learn to breathe again, but you can also do yoga. There are different forms of yoga and everyone will do what appeals to him/her, but all forms of yoga are based on good breathing. As soon as you start doing yoga, you learn to breathe consciously and that is new for many people. After all, it has always been such a normal process that happens automatically until it is not so obvious at all. You can also prevent problems with breathing, due to stress, for example. When you experience stress in the body, but it has no consequences yet, you can start doing yoga. It can reduce the feeling of stress and prevent you from breathing incorrectly.
There are also booklets available that teach you step by step how to breathe like a yogi. No matter how strange it may sound to buy a book about breathing, once you get started you will notice that it is not an unnecessary luxury. Look at the practical applications of the dozens of booklets that are available.

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