Beauty web shops & tips: buy cosmetics quickly

Making online purchases is becoming increasingly popular these days. It’s easy, useful if you don’t have time to go to the center or if you’d rather not go out. For example, you can order groceries and have them delivered via the Albert Heijn website, clothing stores such as Zalando are also becoming increasingly popular and even electronics can be ordered easily via the internet. A few new web shops are added every month. More and more web shops are coming online that focus on selling cosmetic products and they often sell products at a discount, they often have certain promotions and some web shops do not even charge shipping costs. Very affordable!


This webshop is becoming more and more famous. There is a lot for sale here for the eyes, lips, skin, nails and they even sell brushes. The best thing about this webshop is that they sell good quality products for a really small price and the products also look good! There are products for sale such as lipsticks and brushes from €1! It’s definitely worth a try. The items for sale here are not available in stores. Website:

BB cream shop

BB creams, who doesn’t know them these days? These have only recently become popular in the Netherlands, but in Asia it has been one of the best-selling products among women for years. The Dutch BB creams are okay in themselves, but they do differ from the official BB creams from Asia. Fortunately, there is a Dutch webshop (the store itself is located in Amsterdam) that sells real Korean BB creams for both light and tinted skin. The quality is very good and they are available in different price ranges and for different skin types. If you are unsure about a color or purchase, you can contact them and they will send you a few testers so that you can make a purchase with confidence. The delivery time is also very fast. Very good service. In addition to BB creams, they also have other cosmetics for sale such as make-up products, cleansers, toners and creams. Website:

Sleek Makeup

What every woman wants is good quality makeup with good pigmentation for a relatively low price. Sleek qualifies for this. This webshop sells all kinds of make-up and their range is large: they have about 30 shades of foundation, so there is a foundation available for every skin tone! The brand keeps up with fashion, so the trendiest colors can be found here. Since this year they also sell nail polish. Website:


This webshop has literally everything for sale, from scrubs, creams and make-up to hair and body care. They sell the more luxurious (and therefore more expensive) cosmetic brands. The useful thing about this site is that they indicate per product which (active) substances it contains. They also have products for men. Website:


This webshop sells all kinds of cosmetics, both well-known and lesser-known brands. They often have discounts and in addition to selling cosmetics and makeup brushes, they also sell other accessories such as bracelets and rings. Website:

Yves Rocher

Yves-Rocher is a well-known brand in itself. There are many branches spread throughout the larger cities, but they also have a webshop. The brand is known for its natural products. If you have an allergy or prefer a mild product on a natural basis, then this webshop is for you. Website:


  • Order together with a group of friends/family members: you can save on shipping costs by sharing the shipping costs, or you can jointly arrive at the certain amount set by the webshop from which the shipping costs are free.
  • Sign up for their newsletters to stay informed of the latest products, discounts and promotions.
  • If possible, request samples if you don’t know what the product is like yet or if you want to test it before purchasing the actual product. This way you prevent failed purchases. You can also – if the products are also for sale in stores – first test in stores if you want to be sure of your decision before making an online purchase.
  • If you are unsure about a purchase, look up reviews online and read how others experience the product. There are sometimes reviews on the site itself. You can also ask friends for their opinion on how they experienced the product.
  • Check the shipping conditions and costs carefully so that you can expect when the product will be delivered and how much additional shipping costs you will incur on top of your purchases.
  • Some web shops have a separate category: ‘bargains’ or ‘sale’. Sometimes there are products for just a few euros! This way you can buy multiple products for a certain budget, instead of buying a few products that are not on sale.
  • Some online shops use discount codes. You can look this up on Google with the keywords ‘discount code’ or ‘promotional code’ or ‘coupon code’ + the name of the webshop. There are separate sites that collect this discount code from all web shops. You may come across discount codes for the webshop where you want to order so that you get a discount on your purchases or do not have to pay shipping costs.
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