Pay cash and lose weight

Paying in cash seems to be disappearing more and more in stores. We increasingly use our debit card or credit card to pay and this causes us to gain weight. In short, paying in cash means losing weight. Anyone who has paid cash in the supermarket for a year has a good chance of losing weight, while people who pay by card for a year actually gain weight.

Paying cash will disappear

We are increasingly breaking away from certain things that were more than normal in the past. Nowadays you almost get strange looks when you say that you are going to write a letter, with pen and paper that is. You have email, Facebook, word processing programs and a printer, right? That side now also hates paying in cash. You almost get strange looks when you say that you are going to use the bank card to do some shopping. After all, you can also use your card in the supermarket, so why would you pay in cash? Paying by card in the supermarket does indeed have many advantages, but it also has disadvantages.

The disadvantage of paying in cash

There are several disadvantages to paying in cash compared to paying by card. Did you pay for your groceries in cash? Then there is a good chance that within a short time you will no longer know the exact amount you paid in cash, and if you did not ask for the receipt or if you have lost it, you will quickly lose track of what you paid in cash. , how much you paid in cash and where your money ultimately went. Another disadvantage is that you first have to go to the bank to withdraw cash before you can pay in cash. So you make an extra trip that is not necessary at all. And suppose you have just withdrawn an amount to use later for groceries, and you lose your money somewhere along the way, then in most cases you simply lose that money. If you lose your debit card, you can simply have your account blocked and you will not lose any money. In short, there are quite a few disadvantages to paying in cash. These are just the main disadvantages.

The advantage of paying in cash

There are of course also some advantages when it comes to paying in cash. First of all, you spend less when you pay in cash. With cash in your wallet and euros in your hands, you are more aware of what you spend. If you go shopping for an afternoon with a hundred euros in cash and without a debit card, you won’t spend more than a hundred euros and you can certainly buy nice things for that money. If you go shopping with only your debit card, it is easier to buy everything you like and you will only find out that you have spent much more than a hundred euros when you check internet banking at home. This results in the next advantage, namely that you buy more consciously when you pay in cash. Precisely this has led to a study into purchasing behavior by three American universities.

Pay cash and lose weight

Losing weight is very difficult. Following a diet, exercising more, living more regularly… It takes a lot to lose some weight. That is why it is good to know that paying in cash contributes to weight loss. This was discovered by students from three different American universities. They conducted a study into the purchasing behavior of people who pay in cash and people who pay by debit or credit card in the supermarket. This showed that people who paid with a card bought more groceries and that there were more unhealthy products in the shopping cart. People who paid in cash had fewer groceries in their shopping cart and also purchased significantly fewer healthy products.

Follow consumers for six months

During the study, two groups of people were followed in the supermarket for six months. The first group paid for everything with a debit or credit card and the second group paid for everything in cash. The first group ate unhealthy food more often during that six-month period and, on average, gained some weight. The second group bought groceries more consciously, ate healthier and even lost some weight.


The conclusion of the research is that paying in cash certainly influences behavior in the supermarket. People spend their dollars more consciously and therefore buy less food, and in particular less unhealthy food, which is often on sale. Cash only buys what is necessary and nothing more. This ensures that paying cash in the supermarket is good for losing weight. In addition, you can easily make that extra trip to the bank to pay by bike or on foot, so that this also contributes to losing weight. In short, paying in cash and losing weight are a perfect combination.

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